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CHOS with it

On end of reconstruction of Chusovsky treatment facilities 70 million rbl. more is required, declare the city authorities. Terms of delivery of a complex will be shifted for three months. Sources assert that the subcontractor - Open Company Gazmet intek has not time to restore a building of pump station. To allocate additional budget money on this project deputies gordumy should support intention of the authorities. The last still know nothing about it.

as it became known , the administration of Perm has suggested the regional government to change terms of commissioning of the reconstructed Chusovsky water fence. It it was planned to start on December, 31st, 2011, and now the administration asks to prolong term till March, 31st of the next year. The minister of town-planning Alexey Hrapkov recognised that intensity at delivery CHOS is, as he said, the city authorities promised to present a substantiation of the position in the beginning of August. While a sphere on the mayoralty party - mister Hrapkov has explained.

Reconstruction of Chusovsky treatment facilities - a part of the investment program of Open Company New mountains - Prikamye . In 2010 on realisation of this project it has been allocated by 223 million rbl. of All for two years for reconstruction CHOS it is planned to spend 780 million rbl., from them 410 million - company money New mountains 370 million - means from federal and local budgets. After reconstruction of capacity CHOS will be increased to 400 thousand cubic metre of water a day.

under the project it is supposed to construct two tanks at its finest in volume of 10 thousand cubic metre everyone on platform CHOS, to lay vnutriploshchadochnye networks and cable lines, and also to reconstruct pump station of the first lifting. Thus as the main task of building of new tanks is called increase of reliability of water supply of a city and creation of a strategic water-supply on a case of emergency situations. The subcontractor who is carrying out the basic volume building - installation works, in a part financed from the budget by request goradministratsii, became Open Company Gazmet intek ostensibly close to the Perm businessman Alexey Lukaninu. Thus sources assert that the subcontractor has not time to restore a building of pump station.

Open Company Gazmet intek it agree SPARK - Interfax is engaged in manufacture obshchestroitelnyh works on building of buildings, constructions, and also local pipelines, LEP and communication lines. Earlier the organisation was called as Open Company Permgazenergoservis - PM . The Authorized capital stock - 10 thousand rbl. of 100 % of shares belongs to Open Company Kramor .

a Source close to Gazmet intek says that the fault of the company in failure of the schedule of works is not present. As he said, matter is not that Open Company has not time to perform any works, and in failures of terms of deliveries of the equipment of one of the German companies.

Zamglavy of administration of Perm Sergey Juzhakov has confirmed that the completion date on CHOS is transferred on the end of March of next year. on end of works allocation of additional means at a rate of 70 million rbl. is required, - mister Juzhakov has explained. - the Question on assignment will be solved by deputies of a municipal duma .

Earlier mister Juzhakov in the blog noticed that problems with reconstruction CHOS are caused by absence of engineering specifications on the equipment of station of the first lifting of constructions. the reconstruction project was developed on the basis of visual survey of station, a number of technical errors as a result has been admitted. In May the project has been modified, additional works that has led to its rise in price have been provided. Therefore while the project have not modified, it was impossible to carry out building - installation works - from here a delay with terms of performance of works - Sergey Juzhakov marked.

the Source in Open Company New mountains - Prikamye also has confirmed that at a developing situation term of delivery reconstructed CHOS should be transferred for March of the next year. as to our part of the project we go in the schedule, - he has noted. - works on building of two tanks (one is constructed), electric mains Are conducted, new pumps for station " are already bought in Germany;.

Deputies Perm gordumy do not know about the administration request to transfer a completion date on CHOS. Most likely, it it will be declared within this month, - mister Tebelev, - that the project problem, all know for a long time already says. But serious conversations that there all is critical, especially about carrying over of terms for some months, was not . According to Maxim Tebeleva, deputies can develop the relation to the request of administration only after dialogue with representatives of the mayoralty.

the chairman of infrastructural committee PGD Vyacheslav Grigoriev has explained that in June the delegation of deputies has visited CHOS where them have assured that terms of delivery of object, most likely, should be transferred. it is assured that deputies will supervise a course of works very rigidly, - mister Grigoriev speaks, is any more the first similar case .