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Joseph Kobzon has won prajmeriz in Transbaikalia

the Operating deputy of the State Duma, singer Joseph Kobzon has won prajmeriz an United Russia and the All-Russian popular front in Transbaikalian edge, without having acted on one of six platforms organised in Chita and municipal areas, have informed in regional branch of the party in power. prajmeriz which passes on all country from July, 21st till August, 25th, it is necessary to pass procedure to get to the list of candidates of the State Duma from an United Russia . Today in Krasnokamenske (the city of edge second for the population) last platform prajmeriz which was won by the doctor of medical sciences, the psychiatrist, the pro-rector of the Chita medical academy Nikolay Govorin has taken place. Following the results of six platforms the first place from 1,088 thousand electoral vote was occupied with Kobzon. Govorin has lagged behind it on 22 voices. On the third place - the governor of edge Ravil Geniatulin - 982 voices - the interlocutor of agency has told yesterday. The fourth place was occupied with the speaker of regional parliament and the head of regional branch an United Russia Stepan Zhirjakov with 939 voices. Backlog of other candidates essential enough. The representative of Legislative Assembly in Council of federation Konstantin Surkov with 627 voices has taken the fifth place. On the sixth - the head of Open Society building Regional government Alexander Filonich, on the seventh - the first deputy of the chairman of regional parliament Dashi Dugarov. Operating deputies of the State Duma from region Victor Vojtenko and Hamit Kamalov have occupied 25 - e and 31 - e places accordingly (all in the incorporated list an United Russia and ONF there were 45 candidates - 30 from party and 15 from public men). One more representative of region in federation Council - Bato - Zhargal Zhambalnimbuev - has taken the ninth place. the generated list will be discussed at regional conference. Then it will send to Moscow - the representative has added a press - party services.