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In a camp of supporters of Yulia Timoshenko there were traitors

Pechersky court on Wednesday will continue Timoshenko`s legal investigation. In the meantime in Kiev meetings in support of the arrested person eks - a premiere do not stop. Active workers demand Timoshenko`s clearing from - under guards. However, in the ranks of holding a meeting split already was outlined, observers speak.
meetings of supporters of Yulia Timoshenko will proceed. Active workers demand clearing eks - a premiere of Ukraine from - under guards. Today the Pechersky court will return to Yulia Timoshenko legal investigation. Her accuse of excess of powers at signing of gas contracts with Russia.

previous days were not so successful for active workers. Fighters of special division the Golden eagle have dispersed participants of procession on a Kreschatik. Organizers of the action consider that the main problem in shortage of people. To involve active workers from other cities it was not possible from - for interventions of the authorities, the deputy from the block " marks; BJUT - Batkivshchina Yury Odarchenko.

Many people could not reach to Kiev. The power counteracted it, that is it was impossible to arrive technologically. In each city carriers which could send people to Kiev were caused, but they were intimidated by inspections and workers of GAI. To them said that if they will carry people in a city on meeting or not on meeting from them will take away the licence - Yury Odarchenko has told.

However, in the ranks of holding a meeting split already was outlined. Active workers have started to come over to the side of opponents Timoshenko, Valentine Venchagov, a member " has told; the Obshchevoinsky union of Ukraine .

To us the representative from 32 people has come and asked, whether it is possible to join us. Told that them there have deceived, therefore they want to us. People approached and told, what payments at them. Acting give a 2 thousand minimum, therefore they are not represented, - he has shared. - Have brought in a lot of people which at all does not know the finding purpose on a Kreschatik, 42. They do not know, what purpose defend .

Any actions in the centre of Kiev are considered as the illegal. The authorities have forbidden carrying out of meetings till August, 31st.