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Stock exchanges have believed to monetary US authorities

After session FRS on which it has been declared preservation of a range of the base rate, the American platforms were closed in a green zone. Asia also grows. Plus can open and the Russian platforms, experts consider. However the day before domestic investors have not believed to Vladimir Putin`s optimistical statements.
stock exchanges leave in plus. Against statements FRS the USA the Asian platforms try to win back today a negative of last days. Japanese Nikkei has already grown on 1 %, Korean KOSPI - on 0,3 %, and Hang Seng - on 2,6 %. Also in a green zone the auctions have the day before finished also platforms of America. Dow Jones has added 4 %, an index of wide market S &P 500 has grown on 4,7 %, hi-tech NASDAQ - on 5,3 %. Senior portfelnyj the managing director of the company the Capital Alexey Lepsky is assured that stock markets will completely be restored in the nearest future.

It seems to me that 20 - 25 - percentage falling is less than for a week... People should stop, think again and look, what they have done, - explains Lepsky, - what for all of them so have sold, and where they will incur this money? New we have not learnt anything, all events - expected, and life has not stopped: people should eat, it is necessary to go on something. It seems to me that return to the previous level can be such, as well as there was a falling - very fast .

In turn, the trustee of Guild of financial and investment analysts Valery Petrov is assured that in the near future in the markets anyway it is necessary to expect the further decrease.

in short-term prospect we will see high volatilnost, in the developed markets it will be more low, than on developing, - the expert predicts. - The general tendency to decrease will proceed, and the markets will react very nervously to any political statements, on any macrostatistics which can seriously affect the basic market indicators .

Representatives of Committee on the open markets of Federal reserve system of the USA the day before declared the decision to keep a current range of the base rate of refinancing of the USA at least for two years. Besides, department declared the readiness to apply additional tools for national economy maintenance.

the day before about a situation in national economy the prime minister - the minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has reported. Its statements were optimistical, but they could not calm investors. On an outcome of day of premieres - the minister has promised that the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank if necessary will provide the necessary volume of liquidity.

however the Russian markets the day before and did not leave in plus. Investors, seemingly, have not believed to Vladimir Putin. In Russia well remember, whence the government usually takes spare cash and than press inclusion comes to an end, the chief executive of Institute of a transitional economy Sergey Prihodko reminds.

It sometimes works in the short-term period, but brings huge problems in long-term and even in the intermediate term period, - it explains. - for any time it is possible to include the press, but as a result of anything good from it will not be. Especially I liked the statement concerning that all should make the Central Bank which, as it is known, at us ostensibly does not submit to the government under the Constitution. The market to the prime minister, I think will not believe, because that to our prime minister to trust, the sufficient bases are not present. Actually it is a question of sharp drop in prices on oil, and it already does not depend on statements of our prime minister in any way .

the Federal budget is calculated proceeding from the price in $105 dollars for barrel. And decrease in its cost of all for dollar threatens Russia with serious consequences, the chairman of advisory council " reminds; Support of Russia Nikita Krichevsky.

Russia can appear before threat of shortage of means for performance of those programs which are already accepted in the form of the law, - the expert believes. - from this there are two exits. The first is an increase in loans, and the second - increase of taxes. On external loans at us an order of 11 % of gross national product makes a state debt. And as to tax loading on business, they of an order of 32 % that as a whole not too is a lot of if to compare to many developed and developing countries .

the course of the Russian rouble has the day before fallen. It has led to that Muscovites have rushed to buy up currency.