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The British lawlessness has infected Europe

Protest actions from England were threw on other European countries. In suburb of Stockholm Rinkebju the group of immigrants has burnt a building of academy and bank office. Besides it participants of disorders have broken 23 windows in a police station. Details - at Alexey Loginov.
the message on disorders near Stockholm have started to arrive on Monday evening. The group of young men began to beat glasses in a ticket office at metro station Hasselby Gard in the west about cities. After a while the main object of attacks of the raged migrants became Rinkebyakademien. This high school of Sweden is famous for high level of training. The scenario in many respects reminded the London. The English example is really infectious for other European Union countries, political scientist Sergey Zatsepilov considers.

“ This time threat is regarded as rather serious, - the political scientist is afraid. - Therefore within the next few days, probably, the meeting of heads of law-enforcement departments of the countries of the European union will take place to develop counter-measures and not to admit distribution of these excitements on other countries of Western Europe “.

Such conflicts already became habitual for Stockholm, but the British chaos to Swedes to repeat yet it was not possible, has told correspondent ITAR - TASS in Sweden Irina Dergachev.

“ it not London, it of anything, is full nonsense. Have fought and have detained the leader and everything, - has told the journalist. - for flashes wait and in other countries. Disorders infecting neighbours in England proceed the fourth day. Pogroms have begun after murder of black inhabitant Tottenhema Mark Daggana. As analysts mark, excitements in London while develop under the Parisian scenario of 2005. Mass riots in France have begun as reaction to  destruction of two teenagers of the North African origin, trying to disappear from police. Then pogroms were threw to Denmark and Greece “.

the Representative of the Stockholm police of Sven - Eric Olsson has not excluded what inspire young men on illegal actions disorders in Britain could. Experts foretell that this week excitements will be thrown on other countries.