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Victor But will return to Thai court

Zashchita Buta will convince court of Thailand that the extradition of the Russian businessman in the USA was illegal. Even if the court will agree with arguments, the Russian will judge all the same according to the American legislation, experts have told.
Victor Buta`s lawyers will challenge legality of its extradition. The Thai court will consider today case of the Russian businessman. Buta accuse of contraband and a collusion for the purpose of murder of Americans. Three years ago him have arrested in Bangkok and ekstradirovali to the United States. The Thai authorities operated absolutely illegally, Alla But, the spouse of the arrested person confirms.

our lawyer submitted some petitions about it to criminal court of the country. The Office of Public Prosecutor should give explanatories on what basis of documents Victor was ekstradirovan from the country. Because till now under the legislation of Thailand it should be in territory of the country, Victor till now under jurisdiction of Thai court - Alla But has told.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia has opposed deliveries of Buta to the United States. However, it is easy to explain reaction of politicians, the American expert on an extradition of Maknebb of Ferrari marks.

between America and Thailand there was an agreement on an extradition. I understand, why Russia challenges this decision and says that supposedly Victor But was not the citizen of the USA, therefore it should not ekstradirovat. Russia asserts that upon the Thai authorities have put pressure. But even if Mr. But was illegally ekstradirovan, it does not remove from it the shown charges, and will judge it according to the American legislation - the expert has declared.

Victor Buta`s business has begun still three years ago.

Victor But has been arrested in Thailand in March, 2008. It was reputed as the world`s largest illegal dealer the weapon. His name connected with confrontations in the Near East and in a number of the countries of Africa. Including, in Liberia and Sudan where war has led to a genocide.

on November, 16th 2010 Victors Buta ekstradirovali in the USA. The first pre-judicial hearings have taken place on May, 10th this year. The Russian suspect of weapons smuggling and a collusion for the purpose of murder of citizens of the United States. Last pre-judicial hearings have passed on July, 21st. Judge Shira Shejndlin has refused to stop a legal investigation.

In the USA judicial proceedings on Victor Buta`s business will take place on October, 11th.