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“ Awful sins “ have interfered with David Cameron`s plans

Excitements to England left for capital repartitions. New messages on disorders arrive from other cities of the country. The first participant of pogroms has the day before died. Tragical events were compelled by the prime minister - the minister of England David Cameron to cancel the holiday.
the prime minister - the minister of England David Cameron and the mayor of London Boris Johnson have cancelled the holidays from - for events in the British capital. The  destruction of the black Londoner has caused scale pogroms of London. Since Saturday evening in megacity streets fires and armed assaults proceed.

excitements were threw and on other cities of England. New messages on disorders have arrived from Vulverhemptona and Uest Bromvicha. The first participant of pogroms has the day before died. The British prime minister David Cameron has sharply condemned initiators of pogroms.

“ awful sins have been made. People plundered, were engaged in vandalism, attacked police. These crimes will be opened. Justice should triumph. We have arrested 450 persons, and they should be responsible for the acts. I have to them a statement: you will feel on yourselves all severity of the law. And if you so adult that commit such crimes, means you adult enough to bear for them punishment “ - the prime minister - the minister has told.

it not the first case when the British authorities change the plans from - for a swagger - major circumstances.

acts of terrorism in the London underground have forced the British prime minister Tony Blair of that time to postpone six years ago the holiday. However one year later threat of explosion of planes has not broken plans of the head of the government to have a rest on the Caribbean islands.

four years ago the prime minister - minister Gordon Brown has ahead of schedule returned from rest from - for flashes jashchura. Current decade completely the British parliament was caused from vacation twice. After acts of terrorism on September, 11th, 2001 in America and nine years ago for the file discussion, begun the British participation in the Iraq military company.

in the Morning around London Tottenhem have occurred four powerful explosions. The police considers possibility of evacuation of the population. In total on city streets now there are 16 thousand guards. David Cameron hopes that on Thursday disorders will come to the end.