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The rector of medical high school is dismissed for reception campaign

the Rector of the Russian national research medical university of a name of Pirogova (RNIMU) Nikolay Volodin dismissed on Wednesday by order of head Minzdravsotsrazvitija Tatyana Golikovoj. Such decision was accepted after end of check of circumstances of transfer by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation in high school of the entrants existing only on papers. Department has seen in actions of administration of high school signs of abusing powers of office and office forgery. Now the investigatory committee solves a question on criminal case excitation.
the order for dismissal of rector RNIMU has been signed by the minister Tatyana Golikovoj after the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia has stated the estimation to scandal round receipt in the second medical Department has considered proved the fact of that employees of high school deliberately recommended to transfer of 626 invented entrants. Separate members of a selection committee of educational institution and its technical secretariat have created entrants - phantoms by partial change of the personal data entering the university in 2010 - it is told in the statement of the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

we will remind that this scheme was found out by the Moscow programmer Victor Simak who at the desire of the acquaintance has analysed open lists of entrants of various medical high schools. Its attention has involved a considerable quantity of suspicious entrants RNIMU with high points of Unified State Examination which did not submit documents to other high schools. According to the programmer, founders of dead souls wanted to clean real competitors for necessary entrants. Law enforcement bodies have actually confirmed this version: Application of the given scheme allowed to create favorable conditions for receipt in university of persons with low results of Unified State Examination in which relation members of a selection committee could have an interest .

Now check materials are directed to investigatory committee of the Russian Federation which should solve a question on excitation of criminal cases against employees of high school. The Office of Public Prosecutor has seen in their actions abusing powers of office (p.1 item 285 of the criminal code of Russian Federation) and office forgery (ch. 2 items 292 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

the high school Selection committee was headed by rector Nikolay Volodin who refused to recognise the fault. After Minzdravsotsrazvitija and Rosobrnadzor have begun check of the message of mister Simaka, the rector has dismissed four employees from a selection committee. Thus they have kept the basic work in high school.

in Minzdravsotsrazvitija declare that the order for dismissal is handed already over mister Volodinu. Its position while is unknown - since yesterday he does not answer calls.

in Rosobrnadzore did not begin to make comments on dismissal of the rector, having specified that the founder of high school is Minzdravsotsrazvitija. We can ascertain only that this decision was expected - representative Rosobrnadzora has declared.