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Vitrenko Odessa, on March, 28th (SVETLANA - GOLOVKIN) wants to protest results of elections on Odesshchine

. Today Natalia Vitrenko`s block has declared that intend to achieve a recognition void results of elections in Odessa and the Odessa area.
as has informed to the Businessman the secretary Odessa obkoma Progressive socialist party of Ukraine Lyudmila Bezuglaja, during elections and during counting of votes on many sites and districts observers from party have been revealed the numerous facts of falsifications . As she said, on a site 65 133 districts were revealed more than 200 spoilt bulletins, on the majority from which people have voted for Blok Vitrenko . The Large quantity of infringements also has been revealed in Kotovsk, the Ivanovo and Ananevsky areas of area, and now progressive socialists prepare judicial claims for members and heads terrizbirkomov.

Madam Bezuglaja has underlined that now observers from the block continue to verify the data with the information containing in copied reports. but already now we are ready to begin mass protest actions and to demand cancellation of results of elections in region - has declared the secretary Odessa obkoma PSPU.