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In Zaporozhye sabotage counting of votes in local councils

Zaporozhye, on March, 28th (VALENTINE - TERLETSKY). In Zaporozhye the city power sabotages counting of votes of voters in local councils.
as it was possible to find out today to the Businessman on March, 27th counting of votes even did not begin. Thus, on a portal of the Zaporozhye mayoralty results which testified to advantage of operating mayor Evgenie Kartashova over other candidates on a post of a mayor have been hung out. Whence were these results are taken, in city election committee find it difficult to answer.

till the late night on March, 27th in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies there were turns of representatives of election committees which could not hand over reports and bulletins. Some people did not maintain physical pressure and left home, checking bags with bulletins on receipt that is rough infringement of the law. Some bags with bulletins in a crush were broke off, and documents were scattered on a floor. To one woman - the head of the commission it became bad, and persons on duty of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies have caused a first aid brigade. The arrived physicians ascertained a stroke at the woman. Suffered has been hospitalised only in an hour.

counting of votes on elections of a mayor has not begun also in the morning on March, 28th. Bags with bulletins which have been handed over the day before on receipt, have lain the whole night in the closed room under the supervision of militia and employees of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies. As have informed to the Businessman sources in a staff of the candidate on a post of a mayor from Vladimir Kaltseva`s Party of Regions, city selective the commissions meaningly are tightened by counting of votes. In the electoral committee have declared that results of voting in local councils will be announced not earlier than April, 3rd.