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Yushchenko carries on negotiations with winners of elections

Kiev, on March, 28th (SERGEY - SIDORENKO). Today in secretary of the president Victor Yushchenko`s negotiations with leaders of parties and the blocks which have won on parliamentary elections have begun. One of themes of negotiations - formation of a parliamentary coalition.
the first on negotiations with the president there has arrived the party leader of regions Victor Yanukovych. Their meeting passed in a format in private also has lasted more than hour. On end of a meeting mister Yanukovych has declared to the Businessman that arrangements on participation of Party of Regions in a parliamentary coalition it has not been reached. we consider that to negotiations it is necessary to return only after the announcement of results of elections when definitive percent and quantity of places of each party in parliament " will be known; - the party leader of regions has informed.

Victor Yushchenko`s meeting with Yulia Timoshenko has in the afternoon begun. Their negotiations proceed and at present. Before the beginning of a meeting madam Timoshenko has declared that plans to convince the president of necessity to create orange a parliamentary coalition.

the meeting of the president with the leader sotspartii by Alexander Morozom later is planned.