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BMW became official car Ukrainian Fashion Week

Kiev, on March, 28th (JULIA - moskalenko). In this season the official car of week pret - and - port UFW became series BMW 1.
creation of a unique collection of mobile phones SAMSUNG in style of BMW 1 of a series from leading designers of Ukraine became feature of partnership of BMW and Ukrainian Fashion Week. The best designers of the country have created exclusive personal tuning and have decided the main task of the project - to transfer a unique and unique image of BMW 1 of a series in design.

to guests of honour Ukrainian Fashion Week AVT Bavaria has rendered exclusive service of BMW the VIP shuttle - service. Throughout a week pret - and - port visitors of the company were: the ambassador of Georgia Grigol Katamadze, Natalia Okunsky, Eve Polnaja, Yury Rybchinsky, Alexander Vasilev, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Andrey Kravchuk, Svetlana Volnova, Oleg Pinchuk, Tatyana Ostroverhova and Victor Zavadsky. As the general director " considers; AVT Bavaria Alexander Timofeev, series BMW 1 is intended for outstanding personalities, inhabitants of megacities. They constantly aspire to be in the centre of events. Do not pass an occasion to throw down a challenge of the public the individuality and originality.