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Timoshenko considers that a coalition will create over the weekend

Kiev, on March, 28th (SERGEY - SIDORENKO). Today in secretary of the president have passed Victor Yushchenko and Yulia Timoshenko negotiations.
negotiations proceeded about an hour. On their results madam Timoshenko has declared that it has co-ordinated principles of formation of a parliamentary coalition with the president. I am assured that the coalition will be created over the weekend. It will include 3 political forces: BJUT, Sotspartija and Our Ukraine - has declared Timoshenko.

meanwhile leader BJUT could not guarantee to journalists that the president will not spend negotiations about creation of a coalition with Party of Regions. Also, madam Timoshenko did not undertake to predict the actions in case Victor Yushchenko will oppose its appointments to the post of the prime minister. I consider that the people on elections were accurately defined by whom should hold this post - has declared Timoshenko, having let know about the premerskih ambitions.

At present Victor Yushchenko carries on negotiations with leader Sotspartii Alexander the Frost.