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BJUT will demand a recognition of elections in VS Crimea void

Simferopol, on March, 28th (LENUR - JUNUSOV). Today the leader of the Crimean organisation of the Block of Yulia Timoshenko, the deputy of the Supreme body of Crimea Andrey Senchenko has declared that BJUT intend to demand a recognition of elections in VS Crimea the void.
as has informed to the Businessman mister Senchenko, the Crimean organisation BJUT considers results of elections in the Crimean parliament as forged. now we only systematise the information received by us during parallel counting of votes, but already there are bases for a recognition of elections void - he has noted. According to mister Senchenko, during elections on March, 26th observers from BJUT in autonomy territory had been fixed numerous infringements. in voting boxes it has appeared more bulletins, than stood out, the damaged and not sealed up urns, during counting of votes worked roundabouts Members of the commissions are bought - the leader of Crimean organisation BJUT has noted.

Mister Senchenko also has noticed that last sociological researches spent by Crimean organisation BJUT on the eve of elections, have shown that 12,3 % of inhabitants of an autonomy among which 30 % are made by youth were ready to support the given political force. while we leave on half of this figure but even if to consider that any part of youth has not wanted to stand in queues, has turned and has left is no more than 3 %. 3 More % at us are simply stolen - mister Senchenko has declared.

the Leader of organisation BJUT also has shown discontent with that counting of votes at elections in VS Crimea so was strongly tightened. in Kerch and Feodosiya till now goes voting - there prepare results - he has told.