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In the Zaporozhye area 5 % of voters

Zaporozhye, on March, 29th (VALENTINE - TERLETSKY) could not vote. As today it became known, in the Zaporozhye area on elections 5 % of voters could not vote.
as has informed to the Businessman the regional representative of Committee of voters of Ukraine (KIU) the Novel the Five-mountaineer, the part of people has not come on elections because was disappointed in the politician, the others simply have not found themselves in lists. Besides, to vote much the big turns and a crush on sites have not allowed. All it created conditions for falsification of elections, representative KIU confirms.

In Zaporozhye of elections observed 600 representatives of this public organisation and 10 mobile groups. Employees KIU say that results of elections of the mayor of Zaporozhye can not reflect real voleizjavlenija zaporozhtsev. As they said, delivery of bulletins on storage without their recalculation contradicts the law on elections and calls into question legitimacy of the general report which upon termination of counting of votes members of municipal electoral committee should sign. On many sites there were no urns - bulletins was so many that the allocated urns did not contain all forms for voting. As one of the reasons of such situation in KIU consider reduction of quantity of districts and accordingly increase in number of voters by sites.

according to the mister of the Five-mountaineer, the chaos similar to volume who was created in the mayoralty in the evening on March, 27th when members of divisionals komisssy stormed municipal electoral committee, demanding to accept bulletins and reports, was not in one city of Ukraine, even Kiev, where voters - some millions. Besides, representative KIU, elections in local councils, unlike elections in the Supreme Rada confirms, have passed in Zaporozhye with application adminresursa, and with use by one of candidates in mayors (operating mayor Evgenie Kartashovym) office position and infringements of procedure of counting of votes. On all it KIU has informed in the Central Electoral Committee and to the president, having written corresponding applications.