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In Odessa parties protest against falsifications

Odessa, on March, 29th (SVETLANA - GOLOVKIN). Today about 10 political parties and blocks which on elections in Odessa could not overcome 3 % - j a barrier, declared the beginning of a termless protest action against falsifications of results of voting.
as has informed to the Businessman 1 secretary of the Odessa city town committee of Komsomol Sergey Novikov, now on the Duma area at a City Council building some hundreds representatives of a coalition which break tent small town already have gathered. while all passes easy, we do not put forward requirements. To small town police officers who protect an input in a City Council building " are tightened; - mister Novikov has noted.

As he said, participants of the termless action pursue the unique aim - to recognise results of elections in the City Council void on the basis of the facts of mass falsifications. Now many parties give the facts available for them in courts, and on decision of the courts in city election committee the vote recount " is spent; - mister Novikov has informed. He has underlined that in second half of day in protest the tent small town will be broken and at a regional state administration building.