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On Zakarpate there was a soil shift

Uzhgorod, on March, 29th (VICTORIA - PETROV). Today from one of inhabitants of Hustsky area of the Zakarpatye area the message on soil shift has arrived.
soil shift has occurred near village Kopashnevo in natural boundary the Green Corner of all for 150 metres from the nearest apartment houses, the chief of the Center of propagation of MinChS of Ukraine in the Zakarpatye area Yaroslav Babjak has informed. As he said, the length of a precipice which was formed, makes about 110 metres, the width in different places fluctuates from 1 to 8 metres, and depth - from 1 to 6 metres.

on an event place experts of Hustsky regional management GU the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine in the Zakarpatye area, sector of emergency situations and civil protection of the population Hustsky RGA work. It is established that shift does not make threat for apartment houses. The reasons of its occurrence, and also conclusions of experts, become known after more detailed studying of a precipice.

All on Zakarpate it is fixed 1250 opolzneopasnyh sites on which exists over 2500 shifts by a total area of 46,3 square kilometres.