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the Aurora took military men storm

the Ministry of Defence should pay to concern Scientifically - production association the Aurora delivering control systems Terek 24,84 million rbl. On Friday the Ninth arbitration appeal court has upheld a judgement of the previous instance, recognising that military department has not paid money in target dates. In the Minister of Defence have declared that while the information on the given decision is not has reached them.
Open Society Concern NPO the Aurora (earlier FGUP NPO the Aurora ) Specialises on working out and manufacture of systems and monitors of the ships, courts and submarines, including the automated control systems and fighting it is information - operating systems.

on December, 11th, 2009 the Aurora and Ministers of Defence (MO) the Russian Federation have concluded the contract and the additional agreement on delivery of ship system of automatic control of type Terek and accessories for it. The contract price has been established by results of carrying out of the closed auction on delivery of the goods and has made 43,34 million rbl. on April, 6th, 2010 MO has paid advance payment for the equipment at a rate of 14,8 million rbl. For equipment deliveries has been stipulated on May, 31st, 2010 - to this number the ship equipment has arrived in an arrangement of the body 31326 located in Murmansk, and responsible 304 - e military representation MO has carried out technical acceptance of the goods, having issued the corresponding certificate. The account exposed MO, made 28,54 million rbl.

During this moment and there were complexities. To the stipulated term money has not been translated by military men. With a delay, on September, 17th the same year, military men have partially paid the purchase - they have listed to concern of 3,7 million rbl. However the full sum the Aurora and has not waited and has brought an action the first instance where subsequently and has won a victory.

the Minister of Defence long to delay the answer did not become and has appealed. As the basic argument for it the version according to which presented to materials has put documents on delivery has served do not confirm acceptance of the goods by the respondent and, hence, do not confirm the fact of execution with the supplier of obligations on goods delivery. However the court has rejected this appeal as MO has partially paid purchases. On March, 2nd, 2011 the court has decided a sentence to leave without change, and appeal complaint MO - without satisfaction. In the most military department on a situation with a deviation of the appeal have not commented, having told that the data on a judgement at them while is not present.