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very many have now put on masks persons

- As have reached, how the airport works?

- the Airport works, accepts flights. Partially some flights are cancelled, but what arrive, arrive in time. Today together with me many rescuers from the different countries, rescuers of Taiwan and Germany, how much tens persons have arrived. And, they have already arrived in full vestments, in helmets. They have settled down while at the airport, behind them there should arrive their local colleagues, they still did not know, where particularly them will carry, but have told that the problem and to search for their-assort blockages under them survived here, on severo - the east of Japan where tsunami and earthquake consequences are most visible now.

- whether It was possible to communicate to local residents? How much people in Tokyo are afraid of radiation?

- Yes, I went today across Tokyo much, talked to people much. The visible panic is not present. But very many have now put on masks persons, it in Japan widespread enough phenomenon, but usually masks are carried by the people connected with public any works: drivers, taxi drivers, workers iron it is expensive, but now probably every third carries such bandage. People say that radiation really are afraid, any hearings go. The most timid go in respirators. But if not to pay to this attention before you come into the underground at all you do not understand that more recently here there was an earthquake. To the underground constantly there is an information that some lines do not work, suburban trains partially go, but very many are cancelled. And on screens there is a creeping line that in connection with earthquake some metro stations are closed. This morning refugees have started to arrive to Tokyo the big groups, they settled down near to railway station, them some hundreds, polices and the central services which as I understand, will place them in hotels of Tokyo or other offices are engaged in them.

- you saw inhabitants who left on cleaning of streets from earthquake consequences?

- Yes, Tokyo now shines cleanliness, probably not so pleasant. But there was an occasion to put things in order. It is a lot of today people really put out garbage from squares, often cleaned in temples. I even saw, how police banks a path near to one of them and then decorated beds with flowers.

- it is appreciable, what in shops of a problem with delivery of products, waters?

- Is not present, all shops work, any agiotage I at least did not see, it is possible to come easy into any shop, they here at every turn. Rich enough assortment, work both restaurants, and cafe. Water is both aerated, and usual, it is a lot of it. While signs of approaching hunger in Tokyo at least are not present.

- whether new pushes, how much they strong are felt? And what reaction of people to them?

- Are felt hardly considerably. This afternoon 2 or 3 times hardly - hardly shook, but people already absolutely is quiet to it concern, as local residents explained, Tokyo is in enough seismoactive zone, therefore such small pushes here not that what an everyday occurrence. But those who lives here, at least time in life tested them. Tokyo is constructed just taking into account such small pushes, both at home, and all communications, and the railway should sustain. And the underground including. That is during these pushes usual life proceeds. There goes also the underground, the public transport eats any excesses goes is not connected with these pushes.