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the Decision of arbitration court of Moscow, rezoljutivnaja which part is declared on March, 1st, 2011, on business Ή ΐ40 - 133945/ 10 - 70 - 661 “ “ Commercial bank “ SahaDajmondBank “ ( Limited liability company ) (Commercial bank “ SDB “ (Open Company)), OGRN 1027739200884, an INN 7709167933 registered to the address: 101000, Moscow, Kolpachnyj of the lane, d. 9, p. 1, it is recognised by insolvent (bankrupt), concerning it openly competitive manufacture according to the Federal law “ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) of the credit organisations “.

Functions of the competitive managing director are assigned to the state corporation “ Agency on insurance of contributions “ located to the address: 109240, Moscow, street the Top Tagansky deadlock, d. 4.

Requirements of creditors with the appendix of original documents or them properly the certified copies confirming validity of these requirements, or the judicial certificates which have entered validity, go to the representative of the competitive managing director on ΰδπερσ:115088, Moscow, and/ I 40.

the Register of requirements of creditors is subject to closing after 60 days from the date of the first publication of the present message in the newspaper “ “ or “ the Bulletin of Bank of Russia “.

Participants of the first meeting of creditors are the creditors who have made the demands within 30 calendar days from the date of publication of data on a recognition of the credit organisation by the bankrupt and about opening of competitive manufacture, and also in activity of acting administration of Bank of Russia, whose requirements are established by the competitive managing director. Date of a presentation of the requirement is date of its reception by the representative of the competitive managing director.

At a presentation of requirements the creditor is obliged to specify along with a being of shown requirements of data on, including: a surname, a name, a patronymic, date of birth, requisites of the document proving the identity, and the mailing address for a correspondence direction (for the physical person), the name, the location (for the legal person), contact phone, and also bank details of the account opened addressed to the creditor in one of banks of the Russian Federation (at its presence) on which money resources within the limits of calculations with creditors can be listed during competitive manufacture.

to owners of the property which is stored in Commercial bank “ SDB “ (Open Company), is offered to address for it istrebovaniem to the representative of the competitive managing director to the address: 115088, Moscow, and/ I 40.

More detailed information on a course of competitive manufacture can be received by phone of a hot line: 8 - 800 - 200 - 08 - 05 or having directed inquiry about e-mail: credit@asv. org. ru.