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The deputy will return to the people

Investigatory management of investigatory committee of Russia across the Omsk region declared in federal search eks - the head of Omsk branch of Open Society Ak the Leopard - bank the deputy of Omsk city council Alexander Dmitriev. The consequence incriminates it abusing powers of office and swindle. Being the director of branch, mister Dmitrys has ostensibly spent a part of the means which have been given out under mortgage contracts on building of house ZHSK " for the personal purposes; Formation . According to the bank, waste has made 139 million rbl.
that the former head of Omsk branch of Open Society Ak the Leopard - bank the deputy of city council from an United Russia Alexander Dmitrys is declared in federal search, have informed in a press - service of investigatory management of investigatory committee of Russia (SKR) across the Omsk region. To it incriminate fulfilment of the crimes provided ch. 4 items 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Swindle ) and p.1 item 201 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Abusing powers ) .

As already informed criminal case concerning 38 - the summer deputy of Omsk city council, the party member an United Russia Alexander Dmitriev it has been raised in August of last year on the basis of the statement of the chairman of the board of bank Ak the Leopard Robert Minnegalieva. In July, 2010 mister Minnegaliev has addressed in investigatory department on investigation especially important issues of management SKP the Russian Federation across the Omsk region with the requirement to institute criminal proceedings heads of Omsk branch... For abusing powers and waste of money resources of bank in the sum of 139 million rbl. . On the basis of this statement the check criminal case became which result has been spent dosledstvennaja.

under the version of the investigation, in 2007 - 2009 Alexander Dmitrys (supervised over Omsk branch of bank Ak the Leopard In 2004 - 2009) has concluded 103 mortgage contracts for a total sum of 354 million rbl. the Mortgage stood out on purchase of apartments in an under construction many-storeyed apartment house on crossing of street Volhovstroja and 1 - I Northern in Omsk. Conducted building ZHSK Formation . The consequence considers that a part of these means have given out as credits on the basis of false documents, and then money under instructions of the head of branch has been listed the foreign organisations and are used by Dmitriev on the personal purposes . The house on street Volhovstroja and has not been completed. compensation has been paid for registration of contracts to citizens at the rate from 1 to 10 thousand rbl. to everyone. Besides Dmitriev has involved in reception of proceeds of credit of the assistants on the deputy activity, the commercial enterprises which were nominal heads under control to Dmitriev. On them credits for a total sum about 80 million rbl. " also have been issued; - have explained yesterday in a press - service SKR across the Omsk region.

the senior assistant administrator on interaction from mass-media of investigatory management SKR across the Omsk region Larissa Boldinova has informed that mister Dmitrys was interrogated during time dosledstvennoj checks, it completely denies the fault . The Preventive punishment to it was not selected. the inspector during the investigation repeatedly took measures to a call of the suspect for carrying out of investigatory actions, however Dmitriev without valid excuse was not, and subsequently has disappeared from investigation agencies bodies - have explained the reason of the announcement of the deputy in federal search in a press - service of management SKR.

to Receive yesterday the comment at Alexander Dmitriev it was not possible: its mobile phone did not answer. There is no mister Dmitrys from the middle of last year and in the City Council. The site of the people`s choice is not known to its colleagues. After occurrence of criminal case mister Dmitrys declared mass-media that thus the bank management has reacted to contest of its dismissal by it. On December, 26th, 2008 the banker has put in the statement on dismissal at own will. However as a result of it have dismissed under item 5 p.1 item 81 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation - for numerous default without valid excuse labour duties in which relation the summary punishment measure - reprimand " earlier was applied;. The banker has achieved in court of a recognition of such formulation of its dismissal of the illegal.

to the former head of Omsk branch Ak the Leopard - bank real imprisonment can threaten. articles heavy, and aggravating circumstance is that the suspect absconds and does not give the evidence - lawyer Vyacheslav Rusanov considers. The maximum sanction for swindle - imprisonment within ten years, for abusing powers - till four years, was underlined by the lawyer.