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the Competitive managing director Open Company the Yakut management of chisel works (the organizer of the auctions) holds (repeated) open auctions in the form of auction on sale of property of the debtor. a prize 1: the Bus special VM 3284 - 000001003, 2006, 414300 rivers; the Prize 2: the Unit welding ADD - 4004 VG, 99800 rivers; the Prize 3: Diesel power station 3, 52600 rivers; the Prize 4: Diesel power station V2CH8, 82500 rivers; the Prize 5: Diesel power station At - 16, 146400 rivers; the Prize 6: Diesel power station U2N 14, 68300 rivers; the Prize 7: Preventor LMTR - 2, 1197400 rivers; the Prize 8: Trelevshchik TDT 50400 rivers; the Prize 9: Installation preventornaja OP - 3, 613100 rivers; the Prize 10: the Boat, 1976 g, 104100 rivers; the Prize 11: the Motor boat Mercury, 116100 rivers the Auction auctions are spent on April, 14th, 2011 in 10. 00 hours, to the address: 678200, RS (), Viljujsky r - it, Viljujsk, street Bitter, 9. The deposit - 20 % from the initial price. A step of the auctions on increase - 10 % from the initial price. To participation in the auctions are supposed physical and the legal bodies who have submitted the demands, the presented documents according to the current legislation and position about the auctions, brought the deposit on bank details: Open Company the Yakut management of chisel works an INN - 1410004963, r/ with 40702810800020000214, Branch of Open Company of KB NR BANK in Yakutsk, BIK 049805753, to/ with 30101810000000000753, the beginning of the auctions. The winner the participant who has offered the greatest price admits. Results of the auctions are informed 15. 04. 2011 in 10. 00 purchase contracts in a place of the auctions also subscribe. Payment of the transaction of the purchase of property of the debtor is made within six bank days from the date of signing of the contract of purchase and sale. Acquaintance with property characteristics, demands acceptance to the address of the organizer of the auctions: 678200, RS (), Viljujsky r - it, Viljujsk, street Bitter, 9. And e - a mail: arbitr_cb@mail. ru, in Yakutsk: 677007, RS (), Yakutsk - 7, poste restante Sjunjushevu B. S, ph. 89246601015. The property which has been not sold at the auctions, is exposed on the repeated auctions on the same conditions, as at the first auctions, at the initial price. The property which has been not sold at the repeated auctions, is realised by means of the public offer, demands acceptance begins right after the auctions. For participation it is necessary to present the demand of the established form when due hereunder, proofs pravosposobnosti the participant, powers of representatives. Demands acceptance is spent from 10:00 till in the working days, see above. Demands acceptance on each prize comes to the end with registration of the first demand on this prize. The right of priority of acquisition of property (entirely, any prize) belongs to the applicant who has made an application the first at the price of the offer when due hereunder. In a case, receipts of two demands at the identical price the winner the person the first made an application admits. Inquiries on the auctions, demands acceptance, official registration of papers, a venue of the auctions.