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the Competitive managing director Open Company transstrojtehnologija (an INN 6829041842, OGRN 1086829001797) Smiths D. A (the organizer of the auctions) holds the open auctions in the form of auction (with the open form of giving of the offer on the price) on realisation of property of the debtor.

a prize 1 a combine harvester of Dominator MAXI 118SL; year of release - 1992, the initial price - 255 680 rbl., a combine harvester of Dominator MAXI 118SL; year of release - 1992, the initial price - 230 112 rbl. Cost Lota 1 - 485 792 rbl.

carrying out Date: 27. 04. 2011 in 10 ch. 00 minutes the Venue: Tambov, street Derzhavinsky, 16 - and, office 605.

the Size of the deposit - 10 % from the initial price of a prize that makes for Lota 1 - 48 579,20 rivers an auction Step - 5 % from initial cost of a prize.

To participation in the auctions the applicants presented the application forms for participation in the auctions and applied on them documents who correspond to the requirements established FZ " are supposed; About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) and the given message on tendering.

demands move simultaneously with the complete set of the documents demanded for participation in the auctions, c 21. 03. 2011 on 23. 04. 2011, with 09 ch. 00 minutes to 18 ch. 00 minutes the working days, to the address: 392000, Tambov, street Derzhavinsky, 16, office 605. The deposit is paid till 23. 04. 2011

the Demand and the appendix to it are made out according to item 11 of item 110 FZ About an inconsistency (bankruptcy) .

On the demand are applied certified by the signature of the applicant the inventory of the presented documents, the original remains at the organizer of the auctions. The inventory copy, with a mark of the organizer of the auctions remains at the applicant.

Documents for participation: the Demand; the payment order with a bank mark about deposit entering; in addition: an extract from EGRJUL or its notarial copy (for jur. Persons), an extract from EGRIP or its notarial copy (for the individual businessman), copies of the documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons); the document confirming powers of the person on realisation of actions on behalf of the applicant.

requisites for transfer of the deposit and payment under the purchase and sale contract: the Addressee: Open Company transstrojtehnologija (an INN 6829041842, OGRN 1086829001797), r/ with 40702810900300000168 in Open Society AKB branch Tambovkreditprombank BIK 046850755, to/ account 30101810600000000755.

auction the participant who has offered the highest price for the Prize admits Won. Results of the auctions are brought in day of tendering and made out by the report on results of tendering. Order and imprisonment terms of the contract of purchase and sale: contract signing - within 5 days from the date of contract draught reception. The property is paid by the winner of the auctions within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract by transfer of money resources to Open Company settlement account transstrojtehnologija .

the Detailed information on realised property, acquaintance with it, the engineering specifications, the contract draught on the deposit are presented in the materials prepared by the competitive managing director to auction, to familiarise with which it is possible in the specified days and reception hours of demands to the address: 392000, Tambov, street Derzhavinsky, d. 16 - and, of. 605, vorontsovav82@mail. ru, 8(4752) 727149.