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Frenchmen near Moscow
In the end of August on crossing of the Moscow ring highway and Ostashkovsky highway the French hypermarket first in Russia - diskaunter " has opened; Ashan (Auchan). On an input of buyers meets it is red - the green poster with the motto of new shop: Ashan - blow at the prices! .

Actually Ashan - the first western hypermarket working in a format diskauntera in Russia. In Europe and the USA shops - diskauntery have appeared several decades ago, and recently have started to force out from the market classical hypermarkets and supermarkets. The main difference diskauntera from usual shop - the prices. They, as a rule, on 10 - 15 % more low, than in shops of other format. However, achieve the low prices at the expense of assortment reduction - it in diskaunterah does not exceed 8 - 10 thousand commodity units more often.
In this sense Moscow Ashan differs from western diskaunterov. On the area of 16 thousand in sq. m it is presented about 40 thousand units of food and not food production that almost twice more than in any Moscow hypermarket. And the prices about same, as in the wholesale markets (a bottle Gzhelki for example, there are 56 rbl. 25 copeck).
About 40 % of assortment of a hypermarket are products. Besides traditional groceries, vegetables and fruit, sausages and cheeses, in a hypermarket there is a bakery and finishing meat shop. Special accent in Ashane have decided to make on fresh fish - these goods, according to Frenchmen, in the Moscow shops it is presented while worse, than to the European.
besides products in Ashane the goods for a manicuring, the person (cosmetics, perfumery and so forth) are on sale Clothes and footwear (basically no name at very low prices). In department of the goods for the house and a summer residence - the goods for repair, furniture, home appliances, ware. In leisure department - audio - video - and phototechnics, cartridges, CD, books, the goods for playing sports and campaigns. Except shop in hypermarket territory 13 restaurants and cafe, a dry-cleaner, bank, tourist agency, and also gallery by the area of 10 thousand in sq. m from 47 boutiques in which the democratic clothes and footwear from such marks, as Ecco, Adidas, Yves Rocher, etc.


From a sick head on healthy
Cosmetic company L ` Oreal represents a novelty from series Elseve: scale of means Nutrileum for care dry, rigid and an unruly hair.
On the statistican, 48 % of women and 10 % of men have semilong or long hair and every fifth faces a dryness problem: hair lose smoothness, elasticity and shine, become more rigid and do not give in to packing. Such problems arise from - for infringements of greasing of hair. The matter is that the top layer of hair on structure reminds a tile or cheshujki the pine cone. From - for insufficient greasings cheshujki cease to adjoin densely to each other and start to puff up. Tips of hair especially suffer.
shampoo, balm - a conditioner and a mask for hair Nutrileum urged to solve this problem. Each means of a new series unites nutritious microoils and the patented smoothing component. Thanking the special formula these substances quickly get into a hair fabric, smooth cheshujki and as a result return to hair flexibility and softness. For achievement of proof result it is recommended to treat at first with mask use Nutrileum and further to use shampoo in a combination to balm - a conditioner. Results of the tests spent by developers with use Nutrileum show that in 90 % of cases hair become softer and smooth, in 83 % of cases they more obedient and is easier comb hair. Cost more expensive of new means not other of series Elseve: shampoo and balm - 64 rbl., a mask - 100 rbl.


the Vacuum cleaner from abyss sea
this week on sale will appear new model of vacuum cleaner Electrolux - Trilobite (it is named so in honour of an omnivorous prehistoric mollusc which much cleaned millions years ago an ocean floor). Brushes, hose and other specific signs of colleagues Trilobite it is deprived at all. But it is supplied by the liquid crystal display and an independent suspension bracket. Trilobite it is cleverer, than all vacuum cleaners presented in the market: it can clean apartment without participation of the person - it is necessary to bring only in memory a cleaning mode, time and the area of harvest works, and the rest the robot - the vacuum cleaner will make all itself. Trilobite represents the five-kilogramme unit in diameter of 35 sm and in height 13 Capacity Trilobite - 90 Vt, and noise level - 75 Db see. The vacuum cleaner is equipped also by an individual drive of driving wheels. The ultrasonic system of orientation allows the vacuum cleaner to maneuver easily in space and to avoid collision with furniture. On a floor it steps over electric cords and cables, rising over a surface. That Trilobite has not begun to clean zealously an entrance or it was not left on street, with it in the complete set magnetic labels which fasten on doors are on sale. The robot - the vacuum cleaner from accumulators works. Their energy suffices on a business hour. Then the vacuum cleaner independently slides to the charger. Having stood two hours, it again comes back to work, and if cleaning before it has not been finished, Trilobite comes back to a raw site and cleans it. Trilobite cleans a dust by means of a special electrobrush and does not demand special dust collectors as all dust and rubbish settle in the special container - a dust collector. Costs Trilobite $1,5 thousand

the Price of a cranberry pie

Mine inzhektornuju the eight colours the Neptune have stolen not from an entrance where it stood every night, and from a supermarket, where I as subsequently it has been told in the militian report, has come for five minutes to buy a cranberry pie .
Leaving with a damned pie and having convinced of absence chisels I began to type by a mobile phone 02 . Not here - that was: nobody approached to operative phone. Listening to hooters, has reached the house and has called on the city. At last a tube took, and on a voice of the young lady I have understood at once that I tear off it from something important, most likely, catching of gangsters. Having seized an essence, the girl has informed that the information has accepted also has hung up.
I have gone in regional OVD. The person on duty has kindly informed that about my trouble it is already known and on district operation " is declared; Interception . I pogrustnel, having remembered weight of newspaper articles with the traditional formulation: Operation ` ` results has not brought Interception . During a statement writing ( the Unknown person has taken hold of my car during the period... ) And the subsequent departure on a scene of crime with experts - criminalists who made the papers and photographed an asphalt piece, fatalizm all grew stronger. The understanding has come that from the car there was only an insurance in one of the largest firms. I call to the agent:
- we Meet at company office. Take all documents on the car, keys from it, from protivougonok and the inquiry from militia about reception from you statements.
the automatic machine at office of the insurer free of charge pours coffee. I make out the statement, specifying there all plot. It is found out that I do not have not enough only decision about criminal case excitation - it is necessary to take it in militia. Again - in OVD. Business, appears, is already raised. The inspector - the pretty person with two playful plaits:
- it is good that have appeared, at the same time I will interrogate you.
with the decision - again to insurers. To me say that now all about ` kej, call in three weeks. Here the complete list of that I needed to present to the insurance company: the policy (the contract with the company), the HARDWARE passport, the certificate on the HARDWARE registration, all complete sets of keys of a stolen car and control panels, charms, the inquiry from OVD and the decision about criminal case excitation.
to be nervous concerning the insurance I have begun in three weeks when in department of payments have told to call in a week. As it, after all in the contract term of payment after insured event is designated: 30 days! I call to the agent who explains:
- 30 days are how to look. It is possible to consider - bank days. That is a minus days off. They have the right to pay to you not in a month, and, say, through ones and a half.
after approximately such term me also have caused in department of payments. Have allowed to sign the agreement that at detection of my car I undertake to inform immediately on it the insurer and within 20 bank days to pay the companies the sum which she to me will pay now. Naturally, minus a possible damage to the car and its deterioration in stealing.
the economy, in general, has turned out such. I bought the car in salon for $4640. For this sum she also has been insured: the annual policy (plunder, a damage, a civil liability) - $495. Expenses for an anticorrosive mixture, the alarm system, mechanical protivougonku, music, cast disks with good rubber (runs under $1000) were not included into the insurance. Besides, the award pay taking into account deterioration. For the first month of operation of the car it makes 3 % from its cost, for the second - 2 %, for the third and the subsequent - on 1,5 %. In general, for eight-monthly the eight on which I have really spent not less than $6000, to me have translated on sberknizhku $3990 in a rouble equivalent. At removal of this sum of 1 more % has snipped off the Savings Bank.
after a while I have bought other car, this time the second-hand. To insure her in the same company it has not turned out: the agent has told that at them the insurance on 10 % will be more expensive to me as for the client with bad history . Such here a pie with a cranberry.