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My house — my freshness
demands acceptance for participation in competition " Proceeds; the Brand of year/ EFFIE which information sponsor is the magazine Money . Today the magazine acquaints readers with new participants of the project - companies Schwarzkopf both Henkel and Konsolit .

the Question ` sexual ` positioning has acted in film quickly
In the domestic market of deodorants mark Fa has appeared still in 70 - h years of the last century. About history of this mark and its prospects in Russia tells a brand - the manager of mark Fa of company Schwarzkopf and Henkel Grigory Yeliseyev.
- It is said that all has begun with soap?
is truth. Mark development began with manufacture of toilet soap which in 1954 company Henkel began to let out. When the mark concept was developed, has been decided to use as the basic message a theme of freshness, exotic, carefree pastime. It was very popular theme at that time: as usual, after the big wars and shocks people would like calmness, a minimum of problems, exotic and etc. Proceeding from these moods of consumers and have been thought up the mark name (fa - the first syllable of a word fantastish) and its image (the carefree blonde on the Bahama beach). By the way, in world production of consumer goods in 50 - e years it was a tendency. For example, drink Fanta has appeared then beat the same theme of imagination and exotic. In 1954 there was a first exotic aroma in series Fa - Caribbean limonnik .
- Why Fa became the basic brand of deodorants Schwarzkopf and Henkel in the Russian market? After all before its occurrence in us other your brand - YOU which under the licence even was issued in the USSR was known...
- we Will begin that mark Fa has been presented in our market even earlier (the first deliveries Fa to USSR Henkel has begun still in 70 - e years), and its target audience is much wider, than at YOU. If YOU is only a man`s line in assortment Fa until recently except means for women was on one position unisex and for men. And for women in big cities of Russia Fa was the most known mark of import deodorants. Before crisis of 1998 to Russia have been presented and Fa, and YOU, but after crisis it was necessary to optimise assortment. The choice has fallen on Fa as more perspective mark.
- whether it is difficult to advance here German assortment Fa?
- In 70 - 80 - h years of such difficulties could not be. In - the first, to the USSR it was imported only two names: soap and foam for baths; in - the second, here were not representations and deliveries were carried out under the state orders. In the middle of 90 - h years when in Russia began to be on sale more than 70 names of products Fa, it was necessary to select assortment more carefully. Each new product was tested for focus - groups: it will be apprehended by the Russian consumers or not. Without it to start a product and to put up in its promotion money very risky.
- price positioning of mark in Russia and Germany differs?
- Is not present; here again, and in Germany Fa it is positioned as a segment product value for money - not most expensive, but also should cheap. It is the biggest segment - not less than 70 % of all market in monetary calculation.
- some experts in marketing consider that assortment Fa is made illogically. It is positioned as mark for cleanliness of a body, but in assortment there are no, say, tooth-pastes and shampoos, but there are not profile means for shaving...
- the Answer is simple. To advance shampoos Fa in general - that there is no sense because this niche and strongly is occupied for a long time with other strong brand from Schwarzkopf and Henkel - Schauma. It would be the senseless competition. And tooth-pastes simply are not entered in concept Fa. Our mark are means on care of a body, and tooth-paste - slightly other profile. Nevertheless other products Fa keep within the given concept. After all even advertised separately soap, gels, deodorants work on an umbellate brand: show that use Fa gives the freshness, new sensations. And we would not like to overload a brand with products of other appointment.
- why under mark Fa, some decades known as female, you began to let out a man`s line?
- I already said that the man`s goods, man`s aromas were issued under brand Fa and earlier, only by very small assortment. In the middle of 90 - h years in Schwarzkopf and Henkel have decided to expand simply assortimentnuju a ruler at the expense of the goods for men. In Russia consumption of man`s deodorants, for example, in comparison with 2001 has grown on 40 %. Why would be not to use potential of this new market?
a question sexual positioning has acted in film quickly - as soon as we have let out roller Fa Men. The concept of advertising of mark at promotion Fa Men has not changed: freshness through exotic aromas. Even the slogan has been sustained the same way: Desire of freshness, aroma of adventures . But the brand has already been accurately focused on man`s audience: in a roller - travel and adventures, in assortment - means for shaving and stronger aromas.
- by the way, about advertising video Fa. Why Schwarzkopf and Henkel always uses only German rollers for advertising of your mark?
- Yes simply there is no sense to remove some rollers, after all universal pictures get to a visual number: a beach, the beautiful girl, ocean. In any country they cause identical associations. These are international rollers which are removed for all countries. From the country to the country advertising texts can change only.

the market forces to be up to standard
Advertising of products, clothes, cars became for a long time for us the habitual phenomenon. Advertising of building materials vnove. About sense and problems promotion - actions for different kinds of building materials is told by Vladislav Maksimov, the general director of the company Konsolit letting out one of the most advertised marks of building glues and mixes.
- why your company gives so a lot of attention to advertising advancement of the mark? On - to mine, for the majority of consumers of building materials the name of the manufacturer means nothing...
- In something you are right. A name of the manufacturer for such building materials, as, for example, cement, not important. The most part of sales of building materials of a segment industrial marketing (cement, a brick and etc.) It is necessary on heavy buyers: the industrial enterprises, the building companies which interests more, whether there correspond goods gostam, whether the manufacturer gives any additional services and etc. But absolutely other situation in a segment of the building and finishing materials intended in basic for the private consumption in which our company works. The buyer, coming to shop Old man Hottabych a beret from a shelf not simply paint or glue for a tile, and the certain brand to which quality he trusts. Creation at private consumers of the positive relation to Konsolitu - the first purpose of our advertising strategy. The second purpose - not to allow to mark to be lost against others. After all actively itself advances not only Konsolit but also other marks - competitors. The market forces to be up to standard.
- But after all in your market there are companies which are known and stably are in demand and without any advertising, for example, mark Starateli ...
- do not forget that these marks at least in 3 - 4 times are more senior Konsolita which only since 2001 moves ahead in the market. They have odds: them know, to them have got used, and after crisis of 1998 these old marks became the main alternative to import finishing materials. At us such possibilities were not. Therefore it is necessary to make up. Besides, there is one more aspect. In the nearest two - three years on the Russian market of building materials plan to leave large foreign manufacturers with the brands which will be made in Russia. For remained time we should be untwisted and create safety factor before arrival of foreigners.
- Mark Konsolit basically it is known and is on sale in Moscow. What for you give advertising on federal channels?
- it is valid, to Moscow 75 % of sales today are necessary. But I said that we use advertising not only and not so much for support of current sales. In - the first so we create image of mark for long-term development, including in regions. This problem is solved by TV advertising in NTV program the Room question . In - the second, it is necessary to untwist mark because in due course we plan to expand a ruler at the expense of new products. When the mark will more strongly be untwisted, we begin to sell under it and other finishing materials similar to today`s assortment (glue for a tile, plasters, shpatlevki and etc.) Either under the production technology, or on consumer properties. For example, the paint, hermetics are absolutely normally entered in the mark concept and etc.
- All of you time tell about desire to make mark Konsolit distinct from competitors. And a distribution network you too created so that not to be crossed with them?
- in general - that is not present. Retail and melkooptovye sales are carried out through the companies and retail networks which trade in all assortment of building materials. But with heavy users, in our opinion, it is better to work directly. The manager conducting all transactions with it, and the adviser for use who solves all problems of quality on a place is fixed To each big client. Such work allows to understand, how much production corresponds to inquiries of consumers. For example, recently the big customer has asked us to make party of the glue calculated on very low temperatures for facing of facades. We have finished for it a consignment of goods, and then, having tested that has turned out, engaged in mass production of this glue: the product has appeared very claimed.
- not so long ago the company Konsolit has started own manufacture. What for you have gone on it?
- Today in the Russian market there are two categories of marks of dry mixes. The first are what are made on davalcheskoj to the scheme. The company - the owner of mark develops compoundings on which at another`s enterprise for its order the product is made. Probably, it gives some economy: it is not necessary to spend means for factory building. But, in our opinion, such variant has more than minuses. For example, the company cannot supervise quality of an end-product. We will tell, we should clear cement of the every possible impurity reducing quality of dry mixes in addition. And without control it is impossible to achieve stable quality without which, in turn, it is impossible to construct a brand causing trust of consumers.