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President Putin ordered to agree to Alexey Kudrin from Union of Right Forces

about army reform
party life
On Saturday in the conditions of strict privacy in hotel situated near Moscow Holiday Inn - Vinogradovo vitse - the prime minister and Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has carried on negotiations with a management of the Union of the right forces. In spite of the fact that conversation passed behind the doors closed from the press, its details became known.
by data, the Minister of Finance has insisted on that at exit session of the Duma fraction of Union of Right Forces and political council of this party there were no journalists. That mister Kudrin has informed right alone, really sounds as sensation: as he said, president Putin has allowed to it instructions to return to discussion of a variant of reform of the army, offered by the Union of the right forces. As he said, it is connected by that the head of the state has doubted profitability of that variant of reforming which lobbies the Ministry of Defence.
The matter is that Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov, referring to absence of means in the budget for full transition of army to a professional basis, has suggested to make to begin with experiment in separately taken Pskov division. On reform only the Ministry of Defence has requested this division more than 2 mlrd rbl.
In turn, the governmental financiers have explained to the president that from released on the Pskov experiment means military men intend to spend 300 million rbl. for increases of level of a contentment of military men only. Other money is planned to start up for building of habitation, kindergartens and clubs. According to the governmental economic experts, at any similar large-scale kapvlozhenijah 30 % of means " are plundered at least;.
the Union of Right Forces offers the president more economic plan: on all reform of army it is required only 30 mlrd rbl. (Less than 10 % of the annual defensive budget), but only under condition of strictly target expenditure of money. The basic part of means it is planned to direct for creating at people material stimulus to go to army: on payment of the raised contentment by it, and also on delivery of housing certificates and guarantees on training payment in high schools upon termination of service.
president Putin, judging by words of the Minister of Finance, arguments of the right have convinced. Alexey Kudrin has declared to leaders of Union of Right Forces that if business will burn out, it it is ready to say in all performances that the plan is developed by the Union of the right forces . Under the information, consultations on this problem in narrower structure one of these days should begin.
if Alexey Kudrin has brought to liberals a joyful message for them leaders of Union of Right Forces, on the contrary, have given this very day the minister an unpleasant surprise. By data, Boris Nemtsov declared that its fraction in the Duma intends to vote against budget acceptance if expenses on army are not made by the transparent. if Minister of Defence Ivanov does not open completely military article - and it is the largest item of expenditure of the budget, 350 mlrd rbl., - that it will mean traditional large-scale plundering and corruption - the leader of Union of Right Forces has declared.
it is clear that voices of fraction of Union of Right Forces in the Duma will not be solving at budget acceptance. However the office would prefer to do without similar scandals. It is impossible to exclude that the promise to return to study of a variant of military reform of Union of Right Forces is only cunning of the president to force right to vote for the budget. However while, as far as it is known, the majority of co-chairmen of Union of Right Forces - Irina Khakamada, Egor Gaydar and Boris Nemtsov - intend to adhere to the unconditional ultimatum: or the government till September, 25th opens military article, or loses all right voices.