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The pension fund was engaged in medicine

the Pension fund of Russia (PFR) has confirmed the experimental program of medical insurance of pensioners of the Volga region and has already allocated for it first 3 million rbl. Thereby PFR tries to be fixed and in perspective sector of obligatory medical insurance.
reform of obligatory medical insurance (OMS) which now develops the government, provides full re-structuring of this system. In particular, financing OMS will be carried out not on-line from the budget as it was earlier, and from several sources (wrote about it). The main sensation of the new project was that as one of insurers in new system the Pension fund of Russia will act. It is ready to allocate annually an order 12,85 mlrd rbl. for medical insurance of idle pensioners.
in spite of the fact that the bill on OMS is not accepted yet, PFR already is going to test the new scheme. As it became known, next year the fund will finance the experimental program on medical insurance of pensioners of the Volga region. According to head PFR Michael Zurabova, for these purposes it is already allocated by 3 million rbl.
Volga region region it is chosen not casually. PFR some years makes there various experiments. According to the plenipotentiary of the president in Sergey Kirienko`s Volga region district while all programs of the address help passed successfully. An essence of the new program in maintenance of pensioners with the additional medical policy and the medicinal insurance . The local pharmacological companies among which the tender will be held will be involved In experiment. The new idea will manage PFR nedeshevo: it is supposed to spend for each pensioner of an order of 1 thousand rbl. in a year. Charter PFR allows to spend a part of means, free from current obligations, for the similar purposes. And of fund are convinced that business of that costs.
Results of experiment can give to Michael Zurabovu additional pluses at bill discussion on OMS in the government and the Duma. at adoption of law on OMS deputies will pay attention to how PFR has coped with the program in the Volga region - the member of social committee of the State Duma Valery Rjazansky has declared.
Michael Zurabova`s opponents assert that plans of head PFR have even more a distant sight . The matter is that PFR while is the unique player in the market of obligatory pension insurance and does not want to share with anybody the powers. It is not excluded that Michael Zurabova`s plans include monopolisation of financial streams of all system of obligatory social insurance, and these are the considerable sums which are coming nearer to half of the budget of the country.