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vice-president SIBURa
by the Vice-president under corporate and property relations of AK SIBUR Is appointed Andrey Medvedev is appointed. Earlier it worked as the assistant to the general director on legal questions FGUP Rosspirtprom and in 1997 - 2000 held a post of the chief of legal department of company ABN AMRO Equities. Before arrest of former head SIBURa of Jacob Goldovsky (it has occurred in January) corporate and property relations in the company were supervised by Sergey Zenkin (now it works in department of corporate financing of LUKOIL). Till June while SIBURom Vyacheslav Skvortsov supervised, this direction vice-president Boris Vaninsky (in June it has been appointed by the first vice-president of the company) managed.

the Former prime minister has headed the Union of machine engineers
Yesterday the machine-building enterprises of the Russian Federation have founded the Russian union of machine engineers (RSM). Ivan Silaev (in 1991 - the head of the government of Russia became its president.-). By words g - on Silaeva, RSM it is created for support of the enterprises in carrying out of re-structuring and representation of the general interests of machine engineers in state structures and the international organisations. Founders RSM are Open Society Incorporated machine-building factories Severstal - groups Sterlitamak - M. T. E Kombelga energomashkorporatsija concern Power machines the holding industrial company New programs and concepts the Siberian machine-building holding, scientifically - the industrial centre tehnokompleks groups of companies Kaskol and IST.
the Prime - TASS

JUzhuralkonditer has replaced the director
Open Society Board of directors JUzhuralkonditer (The confectionery factory which is a part of concern Babaevsky ) Has made the decision on change of the director. The board of directors has sent in resignation of the general director of the enterprise Vitaly Zabrodina, having appointed the head of confectionery factory of Sergey Anikin. G - n Zabrodin remained at the enterprise as the chief engineer. As have informed in the company, management change is partially connected with necessity to improve economic and a financial position at the enterprise as now in joint-stock company decrease in volume of realisation of finished goods and, as consequence, decrease in volumes of output is observed. Before g - n Anikin worked on Chelyabinsk tractor factory.

the Transaction
Russian aluminium has disposed of money
Open Company Russian aluminium the finance has directed 3 mlrd the rbl. received from placing of bonds of an internal loan, on financing of working capital of the enterprises of Open Society Russian aluminium . The company has granted a loan to Krasnoyarsk aluminium factory at a rate of 1400 million rbl., to Brotherly aluminium factory - 799 million rbl., to Achinsk aluminous industrial complex - 797 million rbl. Loans are given out all three enterprises for one year under 20,5 % annual.

the Declaration on intentions
Gazprom prepares for privatisation Lietuvos dues
joint-stock company Gazprom has presented to fund of state property of Lithuania (FGL) primary competitive offers on acquisition of 34 % of actions of joint-stock company Lietuvos dues ( Gas of Lithuania ) . According to competition conditions, Gazprom can get 24 % of actions, and other papers - the partners selected it, in particular industrially - the financial and power company of the Western Lithuania Duetikana. Definitive offers on acquisition of share holding Lietuvos dues Gazprom should present on November, 20th.
a prime - TASS

Ramenka the Turkish company " has reached Beljaevo
; Ramenka owning a trading network Ramstor has opened in the Moscow area Beljaevo a hypermarket in cost $25 million As Saba has informed the director for advertising of the Turkish company Karabej (Saba Carabey) at shop opening on Thursday, the area of a new hypermarket makes 12,157 thousand in sq. m. Assortment new Ramstora makes more than 30 thousand names of food and not food production. Madam Karabej has declared that in December one more hypermarket " will open; Ramstor in Moscow on the Leningrad highway. Its area will make 72 thousand in sq. m. Besides, within the next six months shops Ramstor will open in such cities, as Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Samara, Tolyatti, Podolsk (Moscow Region). Already till the end of this year the first regional shop will open. most likely, it will be Krasnoyarsk - madam Karabej has noted. In total Ramenka has enclosed in the projects in Moscow $250 million

Game rules
the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy has stood up for Gallaher
Yesterday a press - the centre of the Ministry of an antimonopoly policy (MAP) has extended the decision of commission MaPa on cigarettes News and TD. Both marks makes Open Company the Gold tchervonets . The commission has ordered to the Gold tchervonets To stop release and realisation of these cigarettes on the basis of that their packings are similar to degree of mixture to packings of cigarettes News and LD, made by the Moscow factory Ligett - Dukat (belongs British Gallaher). The statement written in MAP by representatives of factory " became a basis for consideration of this business; Ligett - Dukat . Similarity to degree of mixture of packings of the cigarettes made the Gold tchervonets with Joint-Stock Company trade marks Ligett - Dukat of LTD. it has been confirmed by the Rospatent conclusion. It any more the first similar case in the domestic tobacco market. In the autumn of 1999 the company invest - a trust has let out cigarettes Euro - strit and the Union - a planet which were similar to production Philip Morris - Bond Street and the Union - Apollo .

the State Council of Komi has reserved coal
Yesterday deputies of state council of Republic Komi have rejected the offer of the government on sale of share holdings of the coal enterprises which are in the property of republic. Now republican the authorities posess 21,89 % of actions of joint-stock company Vorkutaugol 29 % of papers of joint-stock company Mine ` Vorgashorsky ` and a blocking share holding of the company Intaugol . Their cost, by estimations minproma Komi, makes Offer of the government of republic on sale of actions about $10 million is connected with forthcoming privatisation of securities of the coal companies which are in the federal property. After carrying out of privatisation auction the stock value with which has Komi, will sharply decrease.