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German landing in the Moscow networks

retail trade
this week the Moscow retail trade has undergone to large inspection foreign ritejlerov. Two days, environment and Thursday, 12 representatives of German networks and the developer companies studied the largest shopping centres and food networks of capital.
spot-checks foreign ritejlerov on the Moscow shops - not news. This year Ramstory and Crossroads managers Wal - Mart, Casino, Tesco incognito investigated. But so it is representative, as this time, foreigners did not come to Moscow yet. It is possible to judge level at least to that among visitors there were high-ranking employees Metro AG and Tengelmann, and also less known wholesale and developer companies. And that local networks did not consider visit as the expansion beginning (it is expected that shops Tengelmann will start to operate in Moscow in 2004 - 2005, and Metro has already opened wholesale and plans to open retail shops), all visitors to them represented as participants of the German trading union.
first of all Germans trade in the foodstuffs interested. For survey have been chosen a hypermarket the Seventh continent in Atriume and shops Pjaterochka in Goljanove and Spar in Sviblove. More often others Germans asked questions on a turn of networks, a gain and quantity of employees, assortment and suppliers. it is obvious that foreigners the market potential, efficiency of formats of local trade and that it can be made here " interests; - the general director " has told; Pjaterochki Vladimir Posazhennikov.
Having examined shops, Germans have shared impressions. Eberhard Gehauer (Eberhard Gehauer), the director for company Kaufhof public relations (entering into holding Metro AG), has drawn a conclusion that in the Russian networks is picked inefficiently up grocery assortment. And Peter Lohajde (Peter Loheide), the director for group Tengelmann building, has been shocked by luxury of furnish the Seventh continent . This money will suffice on two - three usual shops. If we so equipped each of our shops, we would be ruined - he has told.
some Russian ritejlery have been revolted, having learnt about visit of German delegation. to drive them on the shop - means to give to potential competitors the strategic information on the technology, strong and weak places. And it will help them to cope faster with the Russian networks, - one of managers ` has declared Copecks `. - Though ` `, ` Pjaterochku `, Spar, accepted Germans, it is possible to understand the Seventh continent - after all all of them search the strategic partner, including among foreigners .