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Moscow will help Russian diaspora

money and textbooks
the federal program
the Moscow government and mayor Yury Luzhkov continue to expand sphere of the influence. In capital to initiative officials for a long time it became close, and they actively develop programs of development of new territories. Most global of them - the help to compatriots abroad. Yesterday in the Moscow mayoralty there has passed a preparatory meeting to presentation of this program which starts in the beginning of October.
already wrote how the government of Moscow has operatively reacted to an appeal with which Vladimir Putin has addressed to government officials on the Congress of compatriots last October. Then the president has told that for the last ten years in work with compatriots the state has made too little, it is possible even to tell - is inadmissible a little . The authorities of Moscow led by Yury Luzhkov have responded practically at once: The extensive and expensive program of the help to the compatriots living abroad has been developed. Exactly in a year after Vladimir Putin`s reference, in the beginning of October, 2002, this program will start to operate.
the new program of the capital government puts the ambitious purpose: for two years to provide all people, before living in Russia, the full information on events in the country, and to much of them to give and material aid. This problem not seems to the Moscow officials impracticable. we have money - they on yesterday`s constantly repeated a press - conferences. And it is a lot of money: the complex target intermediate term program of support of compatriots abroad on 2003 - to cost 2005 470 million rbl. Now it will be a question not only of the help Russian-speaking, become by foreigners as a result of disintegration of the USSR (about it it was told at many previous meetings), but also about the help to Russian in Australia, Italy, Israel, the USA, France, Belgium. Two thirds of all of those whom we name compatriots, live outside of the former Union - Boris Silaev, a deputy head of Department of international contacts of the government of Moscow has specified.
the program of the help to Russian diaspora basically is focused on preservation and development of Russian, culture and formation, rendering of legal and financial support. The great attention will be given Russian Orthodox Church abroad and to our Baltic compatriots whom for today 2 million Already now in the Baltic States is almost the program " is carried out; the Grant of the mayor of Moscow which helps higher education preservation in Russian.
Boris Silaev a priority direction named also support of all channels of distribution of the information on Russia abroad. we will support already existing and new mass-media in Russian on all continents - he has declared. According to one of project heads, professor Konstantin Frolov, with the information at emigrants in remote corners of the world the big problems. couple of years back I was in Australia so there there was no textbook of history of Russia after 1917. And about the tsar till now speak with the big respect, as about live - mister Frolov has told.
those who has rather succeeded abroad will not be ignored also and deal there. Within the limits of the program annually it will be allocated with 10 million rbl. for support of small-scale business of our compatriots abroad. well also that, if we will help the succeeding businessman, it then though a little bit, but will offer on Russian diaspora - Boris Silaev has told.