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Alan Grinspen becomes the knight

But not
Yesterday the chairman of Federal reserve system of the USA Alan Grinspen has been solemnly devoted by the sir in knights. However, despite its considerable contribution to development and stabilisation American and world economy, it will not receive a totality of privileges.
on September, 26th in the Scottish Balmoral Castle there has passed solemn ceremony of dedication of the chairman of Federal reserve system of the USA Alan Grinspena (Alan Greenspan) in knights. Mister Grinspen of 15 years worked for the blessing of world economy and became the honourable knight of British Empire (that grants to it the right to write after the surname of letter KVE - an abbreviation from Knight of the British Empire, the knight of British Empire ) However he has not got the driver`s licence to be called by the sir as is not the citizen of Great Britain. Listing Alan Grinspena`s merits, queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth) has especially noted its contribution in maintenance of economic stability all over the world.
76 - summer mister Grinspen - at all the first American awarded of this honour. To it in knights have been devoted the mayor of New York Rudolf Dzhuliani (Rudolph Giuliani), the former US presidents Ronald Reagan (Ronald Reagan) and George Bush - the senior (George Bush), general Norman Shvartskopf (Norman Schwarzkopf), ordering the American armies during war in Persian gulf.