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The timely sortie of Ruslana Gelaeva

fights in Ingushetia
Russia can Already begin today operations in Georgia. The occasion has for this purpose given the group of the Chechen insurgents come from Georgia and attacking the Ingush village Galashki. The native of the Chechen Republic Vitaly Smirnov who has accepted Islam, and together with it and a name of Abdul Malik orders group. And the general management of operation carries out Ruslan Gelaev - the former brigade general ichkerijskih the armed forces, degraded by Aslan Maskhadov in ordinary. The Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivanov named a sortie gelaevtsev last drop which will exhaust all patience the Russian management .
Collision on border
the Group of insurgents which, under the different data, totaled 100 - 150 persons, has appeared on suburb of settlement Galashki about four mornings. To attack village insurgents did not gather. And, on according to local residents, in the beginning behaved peacefully enough. Having sent some persons in Galashki on investigation, and at the same time and for products, the basic group has gone towards the river Assa separating Ingushetia from the Chechen Republic. At once behind the river - the village Bamut thoroughly broken still during the first Chechen campaign. Then there there was violent fighting. And now, according to FSB, round Bamut large formations of insurgents operate.
having found out group, the Ingush militiamen which post is on entrance to village, did not begin to engage. Having warned division of the internal troops which positions settle down on a skyscraper, militiamen have receded. Federal soldiers, having caused helicopters for fire support, have decided to block group. The first fire collision has occurred about six mornings.
- having found out an ambush, insurgents have dispersed and have opened fire from automatic machines and podstvolnikov, - have told in administration of Sunzhensky area. - then when the armour has approached, shot already from grenade cup discharges. One of beteerov has been lined and has burnt down. Just at this time over village there were fighting helicopters.
Mi - 24 have started to fire rockets at wood at which insurgents have sat down. However to break thus resistance of insurgents it was not possible. One of helicopters has been lined from the portable is antiaircraft - a rocket complex. Both its pilots were lost.
village near Galashki fight has come to the end already in second half of day. The commander 58 - j army the general - lieutenant Valery Gerasims has declared that the federal party has lost 14 persons of the killed, 15 more military men are wounded. Losses of insurgents, according to the Russian command, have made not less than hundred persons; only small group managed to break through barriers and to leave towards Bamut. However, the militiamen who have come back to village, have not found out mountain of corpses of insurgents.
- already after a dinner when I have arrived in Galashki, here all was silent, - the employee has told a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia Madina Kodzoeva. - Entrance to village had a strengthened post of republican OMON, and on all nearest skyscrapers there were positions of military men. In the sky at small height patrolled some fighting helicopters. On a small glade at entrance to village corpses of four insurgents abreast lay. It were young men in a new camouflage with excellent equipment. One more critically wounded patient the insurgent hardly aside lay on a canvas stretcher. But chances to survive at it, most likely, was not: to it have interrupted a backbone. Three from these five, judging by persons, were Arabs: black, with black beards. Also four manual machine guns by which the killed have been armed nearby lay.
according to Madiny Kodzoevoj, in the village no destructions existing, and attack planes as have hurried to inform news agencies, in fights were not used. all inhabitants of Galashek remain in the houses, - she has told. - there is a passport system check. One local resident Marem Araphanova was lost. According to military men, it was shot by the insurgent who went to village behind provisions, - the woman has ostensibly refused to give it the foodstuffs. Now our employees check this information .
in the camouflage NATO form federal soldiers already have identified One of the lost insurgents. The citizen of Great Britain Gervejz Scott (see the inquiry) has appeared it. Command 58 - j armies even has hastened to accuse the authorities of Great Britain that their citizens are at war on the party of illegal armed formations. However it has appeared that it was not the insurgent, and the journalist working in broadcasting company Frontline News.

for Insurgents waited since September, 20th
According to FSB and incorporated grouping of armies in the Chechen Republic, over group the native of the Chechen Republic Vitaly Smirnov, in 1997 the accepted Islam, and together with it and a name of Abdul - Malik supervised. He has had training diversionary preparation in camp Hattaba, and at the very beginning of the second Chechen campaign has headed the grouping operating in northern areas of republic. Its people in August, 2001 cut out militiamen together with their families in a village Shelkovsky and village Old Shchedrinsky, and have then arranged an ambush on operatively - an investigation team. One more loud crime of Abdul - Malika became murder of the head of administration of a village Kalinovsky the Naursky area Hizira Dunaeva, made on August, 19th this year.
however Abdul - Malik was only the commander of group, and planned operation and supervised over it, according to in FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia, Ruslan Gelaev which division in the beginning of September has passed from the Pankissky gorge Georgia to Russia. As it was possible to group to pass from 150 persons the strengthened grouping of armies on the Chechen site Russian - to the Georgian border, till now it is not known. However on September, 20th gelaevtsy have unexpectedly appeared almost for 200 km from Pankisi - at settlement Tarsky in the North Ossetia. However, in Osset militia assert that insurgents was not 150, but only 40.
it is possible, gelaevtsy planned to grasp armour on military range 58 - j armies in Tarsky and to arrange even more scale sortie, but their plans have broken. Patrol group of insurgents have found out the ensign and the soldier, going on an UAZ from range in a part. The military men, had time to transfer in an air an alarm signal, insurgents have shot. However to engage with the appeared in time armies they did not become. Pursued by military men, they have disappeared in dense wood which begins at once for Tarsky. Probably, the group would manage to be caught up and destroyed, but the elements have prevented. Just on that night from Friday to Saturday in Ossetia the glacier has descended, and military parts should be thrown to the aid of rescuers.
the group gelaevtsev was in wood almost week. Why, having used a respite, insurgents have not left at once to the Chechen Republic, also remains a question (from Tarsky to Galashek where yesterday there were fights, kilometres 10 - 12).

the Stranger among the
it is possible, it is connected with illogical at first sight actions of Ruslana Gelaeva during all second Chechen campaign. However, already after the first war the known field commander and three times the offender recidivist Gelaev through intermediaries began to co-operate with representatives GUBOP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. In many respects thanking its help freedom have received tens hostages grasped in the Chechen Republic. Among them the Samara communist Svetlana Kuzmin and the son were vitse - a premiere of the Chechen Republic Raul Chaguchiev (in detail told about how it occurred). When new war has begun, brigade general Gelaev contrary to Aslan Maskhadov`s order has suddenly left positions on the area Minute in Grozny that has facilitated to federal forces capture of the Chechen capital. From almost one and a half thousand persons it why - that has withdrawn the group not in mountains, and in village Komsomol where it has fallen into a trap. Gelaev has got out of village, and its army has been destroyed.
Since spring of 2000 Gelaev did not participate in operations, and Ahmat Kadyrov even petitioned before federal command and Office of Public Prosecutor that those have forgiven Ruslanu former sins: having come over to our party, it will bring fundamental change in a situation in the Chechen Republic . The general has not received guarantees of safety, and there was soon also Maskhadov`s well-known decree about its degrading in ordinary for cowardice and self-elimination from operations . The traitor president Maskhadov of the former general and did not name. Though many supporters ichkerijskogo the leader considered its further actions treacherous and provocative.
gelaevsky absolutely senseless from the point of view of military interests of Ichkeria spot-check from Georgia to Abkhazia in the end of August of last year (gelaevtsev blocked in mountains and those Abkhazian civil guardsmen with whom he side by side in 1992 was at war with Georgians have interrupted) became an occasion to the first serious strain of relations between Russia and Georgia. To pursue gelaevtsev in Georgia Abkhasians not steels, but Russia has seriously attended to a problem of Chechens being in the Pankissky gorge.
in the beginning the Ministry of Emergency Measures has started correspondence of refugees ostensibly on purpose to return them home. Then the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia began to bomb Office of Public Prosecutor of Georgia inquiries about arrest and delivery of Gelaeva and other terrorists. But it for the decision of the strategic plan on blockade of the Chechen Republic (separatists receive the help basically through Georgia - the Ingush channel is closed since the general of FSB Murat Zjazikov became the president of Ingushetia) it has appeared insufficiently.
And here again has helped Gelaev. In July its assistant Hasan has resulted from Pankisi in Itum - Kalinsky area of the Chechen Republic group from 60 insurgents with whom almost two weeks were at war frontier guards. That was further, it is known to all - Russia has declared aggression from territory of Georgia. Edward Shevardnadze has spent formal zachistku Pankisi. The part of insurgents has left to the Chechen Republic, and the majority, having sat out in mountains, has returned on bases.
on September, 11th president Putin has put forward Tbilisi the ultimatum: or Georgia gives out Chechen insurgents being in its territory, or Russia will strike blows to bases of terrorists. Yesterday`s spot-check gelaevtsev Minister of Defence Sergey Ivanov named last drop which will exhaust all patience the Russian management . It is not excluded that already blows today can be struck to Pankisi. And they threaten Gelaevu with nothing. According to the Chechen and Ingush sources, the degraded general now is in mountains around Bamut. To answer a question, what advantage of all this Ruslanu Gelaevu, any of the interrogated Chechen politicians and authorities yesterday could not.
- and what for, on - to yours, Basayev and Hattab in 1999 have gone to Dagestan? - They asked, in turn. - really Shamil seriously counted what Dagestan becomes the second Chechen Republic?