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The hospital attendant of a mortuary has shot the chief

Murder of the professor of chair of pathological anatomy of the Vladivostok state medical university (VGMU), the main pathologist of Primorski Territory Sergey Melnika, made on Wednesday, is opened without delay. Yesterday the Office of Public Prosecutor of Pervorechensky area of Vladivostok has brought accusation in murder to one of employees of the professor - 44 - to summer hospital attendant Sergey Poddubsky.
As informed yesterday, the corpse of the professor of the Miller with three gunshot wounds has been found out on Wednesday morning in its office located on the second floor of one of cases VGMU. Inspectors of Office of Public Prosecutor of Pervorechensky area of Vladivostok managed to leave quickly on a trace suspected of commission of crime. Hospital attendant Sergey Poddubsky has appeared it. In some hours he has been detained, and yesterday on the first interrogation admitted commission of crime.
it was during the investigation found out that Sergey Melnik besides teaching and administrative activity (it did not enter into staff of management of public health services of regional administration, but fulfilled duties of the main pathologist of Primorski Krai) was engaged in ritual business, being director ICHP Morfolog . At this enterprise the mister of the Miller often had conflicts to the hospital attendant which abused alcohol. the miller repeatedly did to that remarks. But on Wednesday morning the hospital attendant has again come for work as the drunk. As he admitted, has drunk a vodka bottle, and on the way for work ` was caught up ` by two jars of beer. At them very rigid conversation has taken place, the Miller has threatened the hospital attendant with dismissal. That has left, took a revolver and has shot the offender - the first deputy of the public prosecutor of Pervorechensky area Yury Avramenko who interrogated the arrested person has told to the correspondent.
According to mister Avramenko, the crime tool - revolver Smith and Wesson - is already found. The hospital attendant admitted that four years ago has got it occasionally on one of the local markets. At once after interrogation accusation in commission of crime under item 105 p.1 the criminal code of Russian Federation " has been officially brought to the arrested person; the Premeditated murder . To the criminal threatens from 6 till 15 years of imprisonment.