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Vladimir Putin has offered Europe selective experience

the initiative
Yesterday in Moscow there has begun work Association of organizers of elections of the countries Central and the Eastern Europe. To greet participants of a forum there has arrived president Vladimir Putin. He has informed representatives of 35 countries that supports an establishment in Europe uniform standards in the field of the elective legislation, having explained that Russia knows the price to really democratic elections .
the Association of organizers of elections of the countries Central and the Eastern Europe is created in 1991 for an exchange of experience of elections and perfection of democratic legislative norms in this sphere. It included 18 countries were sotslagerja and the CIS countries. Every year one of the countries presides, this year the association is headed by Russia in the name of the head of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation Alexander Veshnjakova.
the Foreign visitors who have arrived to a building of the Central Electoral Commission in the Big Cherkassk lane, in expectation of the session beginning listened to classical music and considered each other through glass lifts and floors. The Hungarians, That whose fellow countryman Zoltan (Zoltan Toth) is the constant secretary general of association, were photographed against terrible abbreviation ACEEEO and an organisation symbol: a flying pigeon who in one paw holds scales, in another - the extinguished bulletin, and in a beak - a branch. On idea of organizers it all together should express the association motto: Force of voices, instead of by force of arms .
Participants of a forum admitted that association session is spent for the first time with such scope. Besides members of the organisation to Russia there have arrived visitors from the USA, Mexico, India, Great Britain, France, Kenya and 24 more countries. And all because Alexander Veshnjakov as the chairman of association, this year has acted with the scale initiative. Russia has developed the project of the international document - the convention on standards of elections, suffrages and freedom. After approval at association session in Moscow the convention plan to send to the Council of Europe that then to extend its rules to all countries of the European community. In the first article of the project under the name Standards of elections it is said that, having ratified the convention, the state incurs responsibility to provide the free, periodic and obligatory, fair, original, open and public character of elections .
to Vladimir Putin have offered a place in presidium in a shade Russian trikolora. He saw for the first time new building TSIKa and though it has opened more year back, has congratulated Alexander Veshnjakova on house warming. In the performance the president has approved the initiative of association and has with satisfaction noticed that the Russian legislation on elections corresponds to the international standards. Thus we understand that only the elective legal system does not provide high-grade democracy if it is not built in in original democratic institutes of all society, - the president has explained. - taken out of context the democratic maintenance of the society, it can serve as a veil and a screen of the antidemocratic beginnings of the state . Thus, truth, Vladimir Putin has not explained, he means which state.
it is interesting that on Monday at session of Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg a member of the Russian delegation the vice-president of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Ivan Melnikov has told to the European members of parliament that in Russia the dictatorial authoritative mode " is established; and elections to Russia which has taken place in 2001 - 2002, are not free, equal, fair their results forge, and the power renders rough pressure on election committees.
But yesterday foreign visitors praised Russia, its president and election committee. On a press - conferences That Zoltan has noted the contribution of Russia to the international standardization of elections. And one of heads of the International fund of electoral systems of the USA Pol Degrigorio (Poul DeGrigorio) has philosophically noticed that elections forge in all countries, simply it is a question of falsification degree .