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Alexey Miller adjusts the Blue stream

export of gaz
Yesterday the chairman of the board Gazprom Alexey Miller has spent company board meeting. In the session summons appeared only two questions: a course of realisation of the project of transportation of the Russian gas to Turkey ( the Blue stream ) And expansion of export possibilities of a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe. Performance of both projects, Alexey Miller has solved, should be accelerated.
according to eyewitnesses, head Gazprom yesterday has been adjusted rather categorically - it has expressed extreme dissatisfaction a delay of terms of start-up the Blue stream in operation (it is supposed that annually from Russia to Turkey on the pipes laid on a bottom of Black sea, will arrive nearby 16 mlrd gas cubic metre). It was planned that the Blue stream should earn by November, but Gazprom these terms has not kept within. the gas pipeline should begin commercial deliveries to Turkey not later than December - mister Miller has terribly warned subordinates. To object, no less than to press in the delay reasons, nobody has dared.
as a result the board has decided to accept exhaustive measures on end of the first starting complex Blue stream . Giving of gas for carrying out pusko - naladochnyh works have planned to begin till November, 20th, and in 20 days from uniform Russian system of gas supply the Blue stream will pump over on 12 million cubic metre of gas a day. The trial mode will last till the end of January of the next year.
as to other export direction - western here discussion was much more concrete. Spoke about synchronisation of work of compressor stations and about their cost. By means of such installations (they still need to be constructed) Russia can increase volumes of deliveries of gas to Europe almost twice with present 17 mlrd cubic metre to 33 mlrd cubic metre in the near future - in 2003. Here too not all is safe. Gazprom Cannot solve all problems with the Polish company EuroPolGaz yet, being the operator of the project in territory of Poland (already wrote that at the sum of $350 million, required on building of compressor stations in Poland, the Polish party has enclosed while only $150). Negotiations with Poles proceed. Russia, from its part, should finish all civil work in 2004, mister Miller has underlined. So, by November it is necessary to finish the automated control system on the Belarus site of a gas pipeline Yamal - Europe in the extent of 184 km (from Russian - the Belarus border to the river Berezina) and to finish the cores building - installation works from compressor station in Torzhok to similar station in Smolensk (335 km). Putting into operation of the first site is planned for the beginning of 2003, the second - on the end of 2003. From 977 km of pipes on a site from Torzhok to Belarus - the Polish border it is necessary to lay 517 more km.
Today the company board of directors will consider one more export project, this time on east direction. A gas pipeline the West - the east should connect gas deposits Gazprom in Siberia with China (its cost is estimated in $4 mlrd). However and here mister Miller is waited for by a problem: Chineses against building do not object, but also guarantees on purchases of the Russian gas do not give.