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The American democrats ask to consider themselves as patriots

Yesterday the leader of the democratic majority in the senate of the USA Tom Deshl in the categorical form has demanded from the president George Bush of public apologies. The senator was revolted with the remark of the head of the state on absence at democrats of feeling of patriotism. The president believes, what exactly it stirs to passage through the senate of the resolution giving green light to war with Iraq.
the words which have caused furious indignation of democrats, the president George Bush (George W. Bush) has said in the beginning of this week. During the annual closed dinner with senators - republicans he has dared to be more frank and direct, than usually. The president has complained that the bill of creation of the ministry of national safety still lies in the senate, and the resolution, granting to the American leader the right to begin military operation against Iraq, acquires numerous amendments which are brought by legislators. Some senators - not everything, but some - have not found anything better how to try to complicate this process, considering that the best way to provide safety of the native land is to create the thick book of rules, which strenozhat present administration - George Bush has shared secret. All would pass not noticed, but is very fast words of the president became known to journalists of the American Washington Post newspaper which has finished this information to the public.
apparently, has most attentively read this material the leader of the democratic majority in the senate Tom Deshl (Tom Daschle). Anyway, told by the president it has carried all on the and the members of the same party of an abacus. As a result yesterday mister Deshl has said one of the most emotional speeches for all political career. you assert that us safety of the American people does not interest. Us, people who battled in Vietnam and on Second World War fields! - The leader of democrats was indignant. As a live illustration of the words he pointed a finger towards the colleague - democrat Deniela Ajnoi (Daniel K. Inouye) which during war in Italy has lost a hand. he/she is senator Ajnoi is not interested in safety of the people of America?! It is offensive! - mister Deshl has declared. He also has urged not to politize a theme of national safety and, in particular, operation against Iraq. Here he meant that on the threshold of congressional elections coming on November, 5th republicans use fight against terrorism for increase of the chances of a victory. In summary he has demanded from the president to make public apologies for the words.
usually quiet and reserved Toma Deshla performance has made impression upon all present. Especially on republicans who have rushed on protection of the president. A word took their leader in the senate Trent Lott (Trent Lott). First it was much less emotional, rather than its opponent, and has simply expressed a deep regret the maintenance and tone of speech of mister Deshla. But then and itself has enough burnt. who here in general the enemy? The president of the United States or Saddam Hussein? And eventually, time has come to join hands and be engaged in work which at us it is a lot of - mister Lott has summed up. Against these orators other acting looked where more faintly.
after a demarche in the senate the White house was unable ignore the inflamed scandal. George Bush, truth, has kept silent. The adviser of the president for national safety Condoleeza Rice (Condoleezza Rice) has tried to justify the chief. the president has told that some senators are inclined to put (the. -) specific interests above interests of national safety and after that has done justice to democrats and republicans who show unity on the problems of safety facing the American people - she has a little clumsily declared in interview to one of TV channels. And the official representative of the White house of Ari Flejsher (Ari Fleischer) has advised to all (read - Tomu Deshlu) deeply to sigh, cease to point a finger and start to work at last together . In general, after such unambiguous hints it became clear to all that apologies from the president Bush democrats hardly will wait.
nevertheless emotional flash on Capitol Hill hardly probable will essentially affect the schedule of acceptance by the resolution congress across Iraq. The matter is that the prompt passage of the bill actually is necessary both to democrats, and republicans. The first believe that after its statement they will manage to beat out at competitors a trump of anti-terror and to draw attention of the American public to more advantageous for them to problems of economic character, in particular falling of exchange quotations and the become frequent loud corporate scandals. Considering that to elections remains hardly more than month, to time for development of discussions in the necessary direction at democrats remains ever less, and within the next few days they will force events. According to some information, voting by the Iraq resolution will take place not later than the second week of October.
however, according to republicans, to it quite on forces to ruin plans of competitors and not to allow to distract voters from a fight against terrorism problem. However, to make it it is possible only in one way - right after acceptances by the congress of the corresponding resolution to begin operation against Saddam Hussein`s Iraq mode (Saddam Hussein).
As to the scandal initiated by Tomom Deshlom, how have informed the Washington Post newspaper sources in Presidential Administration, performance has been addressed more likely to its colleagues - to democrats, rather than political opponents. According to these sources, recently some visible democrats criticised time and again the leader for excessively close cooperation with the president and its Republican Party. And to prove the return, mister Deshl and suited this a storm in a teacup .