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The author again undertook for another`s

Installation Alexey Shulgin in MDF
the photo exhibition
In the Moscow house of a photo has opened Alexey Shulgin`s exhibition Installation . To one of 24 photos mister Shulgin of the author`s relation has no. ALJA - HARCHENKO it was convinced that it has done an exhibition only good.
the sensation of a deja vu to the spectator is guaranteed. installation and truth not new, but the cut down old. If to consider and this time, the project Another`s photos in Moscow it was lighted already three times. But, as well as in 1987 and 1994, Alexey Shulgin`s role - the artist and the founder of electronic group 386 DX, executing fate - n - rollnye netlenki on model of the antediluvian computer, - remains not clear. Neither the author, nor the organizer of the person who has stuck together any more one exhibition from slices of archive of institute giproneftespetsmontazh to name language does not turn.
in Installation Alexey Shulgin, unlimited quantity of years back proclaimed with the creative credo choice Art from negatives of colleagues, again chooses from the stranger. This time by means of the curator of the project 24 Yury Avvakumova whom, having sifted Another`s photos has left concerning architecture and has thought up the name Installation connecting and the name of the Soviet establishment, and a principle on which the exhibition, and a binding to architectural subjects is organised.
the architecture here is represented the specific: concrete pipes and towers, figures of people on designs or a piece of a protection do not understand that close up. Contrast it is black - the white shots printed with zapilennyh, as old plates, films, not a fruit of someone`s imagination, and technical fixing of industrial objects. Regular photographers giproneftespetsmontazha Also did not suspect that after pair tens years their production will look the sample of fashionable art.
even if installation also it is pleasant to praise for it there is nobody. Appear the present photographers now restrained in copyrights, not the fact, as they will remember pair of shots from own industrial tekuchki. Any metal ear filled in with concrete has turned to object for shooting at all from - for art searches of the author though looks in showroom quite convincingly. And if the result is that, whether that all is equal, how it has been received? About creative individuality on Installation it is not meaningful to remember, because neither individualities, nor creativity here is not present. If, of course, not to consider as creativity process of assembling of another`s shots.
Alexey Shulgin considers a photo genre almost died and which - as functioning unless in glossy magazines and family albums. Successful shooting at such approach - a question is faster than kilometric area of the spent film from which then it is possible to strain off necessary quantity of shots. The blessing behind the name Another`s photos for a long time already it is fixed shulginsky a copyright.