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Imams have planted for jihad

Yesterday the Stavropol regional court at exit session in Pyatigorsk the sentence has pronounced to three karachaevskim to imams - Hyzyru Salpagarovu, to Ramazanu Gochijaevu and Edward Haratokovu. Jurymen recognised as their guilty of attempt of capture of the power in the North Caucasus, and the judge has sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. With details - ALEXANDER - LARINTSEVA.
Session has begun with last word of the Ramazan of Gochijaeva. What here to speak, - it has begun. - there were we, as they say, guilty though guiltless. Jurymen have taken out such verdict, because charge has affected them. Concerning me at them under one article of any proof is not present. I of guilty do not recognise, let though as early as a year me in the cellars roll. All the same will prove nothing .
When defendant Gochijaev has finished, the court has left in a consultative room for adjudgment. An hour later per a hall have started up relatives of defendants and the press. TV men have shown the door not only from a hall, but even from a court building.
judge Alexander Polivanov has stated already known facts which have laid down in a charge basis. So, according to the investigation, defendant Hyzyr Salpagarov was considered as one of most considerably adjusted amirov in KCHR. He did not recognise official body of Moslems - Spiritual management of Moslems KCHR and Ramazanu Borlakovu who is known to law enforcement bodies as the person closely connected with the Chechen, Afghani and Saudi Wahhabites submitted directly. Borlakov preached ideas of jihad - sacred war with incorrect, first of all with Russian and Jews.
in 1999 Salpagarov has started formation of criminal community. It, under the different data, included some tens persons. Participants of organisation Salpagarov has provided with fire-arms, ammunition, communication facilities and a camouflage. Under the recommendation of Salpagarova the most capable associates were trained in camps caucasus the Taliban and Mutafadzhirat in the Chechen Republic. Having come back home, all of them took part in the equipment of caches for the weapon in caves and building of blindages on the plateau of Bechesyn located on border between KBR and KCHR.
Under indications of witness Vladimir Gogova, Salpagarov conducted lessons on minno - to explosive business, in particular in the beginning of 2001 it brought in dzhamaat Moscow microcircuits, learnt them to collect. Under its management members dzhamaata designed from pape - mashe a cobble-stone, and amir Salpagarov explained to pupils that if to put in a paper 100 g trotyl and bearings this device it is possible even to undermine an armored troop-carrier.
Some more witnesses, in particular Murat Ekzekov and Ruslan Kojchuev, told on a consequence that Hyzyr Salpagarov planned not ordinary acts of terrorism, and what could lead to the most tragical consequences. Under its commission Ekzekov, Kojchuev and Rashid Atabiev, process over which passes now in the Supreme court KCHR, spent a video shooting in the city of Solnechnodolske where there is the largest in the North Caucasus of a state district power station, on the Sengileevsky water basin in Stavropol Territory, and also removed object of air defence in Karachaevo-Circassia. Video cassettes have been transferred Salpagarovu. Under the data received during the investigation, the second front where it was planned to transfer operations from the Chechen Republic was supposed to blow up and open these objects. One more idea amira was to blow up the five-floor house in Sochi: he suggested to rent apartment, and then to arrange explosion, having disguised it under explosion of household gas.
As to the youngest imam Edward Haratokova he, as well as its many members dzhamaata, was trained in the Chechen Republic. In the autumn of 1998 it have enlisted in institute Imamo - Shafi located in Urus - Martane. In May, 1999 Haratokov went again to the Chechen Republic, to continue training . After returning from the Chechen Republic Haratokov and a number of other young men could not go to a usual mosque: old men, having learnt that they were in the Chechen Republic, them have expelled. Then Haratokov and ones and a half more ten the young men living in microdistrict Moscow, have started to gather on apartment in the house #46. The imam they have chosen Edward Haratokova. According to witness Vladimir Gogova, at meetings dzhamaata Haratokov constantly told about necessity of the armed jihad for the purpose of creation in the North Caucasus shariatskogo the states.
according to one more member dzhamaata Moscow Ruslana Kojchueva, in the beginning of summer of 2000 Edward Haratokov has addressed to it with the request. He knew that Kojchuev studies in college in Stavropol, and has asked it to show to two to brothers on belief Gogovu and Arhagovu where there are top and bottom markets, road service station and others most crowded places for a bookmark of the explosive which was in a plastic bottle. Kojchuev the request of the imam has satisfied and has carried brothers to Stavropol. for people who will be lost as a result of acts of terrorism, it is not necessary to worry, - Haratokov spoke. - All the same they will get to paradise as will be lost for the sake of the sacred purpose and for such death only will be grateful .
the Imam of a village Sentry Ramazan Gochijaev too was trained in the Chechen Republic. However, he asserts that studied only the religion theory. Nevertheless it considered as the ideologist of jihad. Witness Rakaj Kipkeev told that remembers, how in January or February, 2001 Ramazan Gochijaev near food shop where many people always gathered, said before peasants that all Moslems brothers that oppress Moslems, and urged to go to be at war to the Chechen Republic.
during judicial session all three imams from the indications given on a consequence, have refused and have complained of pressure from law enforcement officers. Lawyers of defendants unanimously said that the Office of Public Prosecutor does not have any proofs of fault of defendants, except their grateful indications on a consequence.
nevertheless the court recognised as their guilty practically at all points. Haratokovu have given most less - 15 years, having taken into consideration that it has made a number of crimes, being the minor. Appointing Ramazanu Gochijaevu punishment - 23 years of a colony, court, probably, has considered that fact that the defendant, besides other, took part in explosive transportation. Hyzyru Salpagarovu to whom 11 crimes were made, including eight of the category especially heavy, court has defined 19 years of isolation. Softening circumstance had been recognised presence of three juvenile children and the active help to a consequence - Salpagarov has shown caches on a plateau of Bechesyn.