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Direct speech

somebody supported you?
Nikolay Levitsky, the president of the company evrohim :
- While anybody. And after all against our fertilizers into the USA want to enter 337 % of the duty! Americans conduct against us antidumping investigation, and in Ministry of economic development and trade of Russia (MERT) nobody has answered one of five our last letters. While fertilizers is the largest segment of export of the Russian end production. Thanks Kasyanov: can, after government MERT session will cease to be the Ministry of Trade oil and gas, and will be engaged also in fertilizers.

Konstantin Morozov, the general director of the company Lesprom Indastri Consulting :
- state Support was, and in the new export concept more concrete steps are presented. Another matter that now lesprom is in a deplorable state and for export there is basically a round wood. The state should create preconditions for investments into branch, probably, even to lift the customs duties for importers, to give the chance to develop to our processing enterprises.

Sergey Komarov, the director of the company LUKOIL - Neftehim :
- And we try to rely on ourselves. When we pay duties on production export to its charge there is not a real price on which we sell it, and the price under quotations at the European stock exchanges. The price for our goods abroad considerably below exchange from - for low level rynochnosti our economy and stranovyh risks. And the customs duties are defined on a maximum. As a result of us restrain not only foreign consumers, but also the native state.

Sergey Grigoriev, the vice-president Transneft :
- At first it is necessary to be defined what to export. The market in the West has settled for a long time, oil always in the price. And if in those branches where the Russian commodity producers are competitive, but us do not start up for the political reasons, for example in sphere of arms and high technologies, the state should interfere. On - to mine, and occurs.

Dmitry Udras, the vice-president of the company a Rostselmash :
- best the agricultural industry is supported by minister Gordeyev. I think that it is given to it very hardly, especially in questions of rural mechanical engineering: pressure is very strong from importers. Our agriculture is completely not necessary for them.