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The constitution of Tatarii again was brought to justice

the regional policy
Yesterday the assistant to the general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Alexander Zvyagintsev has declared that has directed to the Supreme court Tatarii inquiry about a recognition of 53 articles of a new variant of the republican constitution contradicting the federal legislation. Zamgenprokurora is at war with the organic law of Tatarii since December, 2000 and has achieved that in the spring the republic has accepted new edition of the constitution. But it has seemed to mister Zvyagintsev even worse: in old edition it challenged only 42 articles.
suit round former edition of the constitution of Tatarii lasted almost year. The legal investigation was continually deferred at the desire of the respondent: state council of republic that tried to agree with public prosecutor Vladimir Ustinovym extrajudicially declared that business does not concern the general jurisdiction and should be considered by the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation insisted on the right to correct the constitution without public prosecutor`s pressing. In October, 2001 the stock of delays has run low: the Supreme court has considered the complaint and has agreed with the majority of claims of mister Zvyagintsev. However, they concerned mainly the minor articles which are not mentioning theses about the sovereignty and international pravosubektnosti Tatarii - with them zamgenprokurora has given the right to understand to the Constitutional court. In January, 2002 KS recognised nelegitimnost key positions of the constitution and has given to state council half a year on their correction.
the State Council has kept within half of taken away term and in April has accepted new edition of the constitution at which formally does not remain anything the general with old edition: in it points on the sovereignty of Tatarii, own citizenship and obligatory dvujazychii the candidate for presidents of republic have remained, but they have been located in other order (124 articles instead of 167) and differently are formulated. Besides, the republic rather refined recognised itself as the subject of the Russian Federation: Tatarstan - the democratic lawful state united from the Russian Federation by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the constitution of Republic Tatarstan and the contract of the Russian Federation and RT (Tatarija has not signed in due time the federal contract, therefore the bilateral contract between Moscow and Kazan, signed in 1994, formally is the unique document defining the status of republic).
Even during discussion of the constitution public prosecutor Tatarii Kafil Amirs has warned that will be compelled to protest its contentious clauses. concepts ` the sovereignty `, ` the contract `, ` two state languages ` is an ideology of our people, and our people never will reconcile to loss of these concepts - president Tatarii Mintimer Shaymiev declared in the answer. And the head of state council Farid Muhametshin noticed that the transition period in the Russian Federation yet has not ended therefore possibility of the further processing of the constitution is in dependence from reform of the federal legislation.
After that mister Zvyagintsev attacked state council from two parties: demanded, that the Supreme court Tatarii has established the fact of evasion of parliament from execution of decisions of the courts (in this case the federal authority could begin procedure of its dissolution), and submitted the protests for consideration state council sessions. However in the beginning of September the court has refused to recognise that state council has transferred controversial points from the old constitution to the new. With protests zamgenprokurora deputies have understood easily: two weeks ago they ascertained that the majority of claims zamgenprokurora carry unreasonable and the problematic nature, and some arguments are formal and even incorrect . All has come to an end inquiry of state council in KS Tatarii with the request to explain those positions of the constitution which, in their opinion, the Russian Office of Public Prosecutor treats after the own fashion, and also creation of working group of state council for additional studying of a question and preparation of offers under the protest .
it did not suit Zamgenprokurora. Yesterday he has declared that has directed to court inquiry concerning 53 articles of the constitution which deputies have refused to satisfy. In the Supreme court have declared that statements yet have not received and cannot tell, when process will begin. But it is anyway clear that it will be long. After all Mintimer Shaymiev even in the spring, representing the new constitution, has declared: we will not recede From basic positions and are ready to have legal proceedings for them - for the good of the future federalism .