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Alexey Miller has put television in bank

Bank promises to add on it $700 million
independent television
Yesterday head Gazprom Alexey Miller at NTV office has made the statement which from it waited within a year: Gazprom - media will stop existence. Instead of it the new holding which, as well as in former, will include all media companies belonging " is created; to Gazprom . At Gazprom there will be 51 % of voting actions, the others of 49 % of voting actions are got by bank evrofinans which, besides, incurs re-structuring of all debts Gazprom - media before Gazprom (more than $600 million) also intends to invest in new holding $100 million General director both new holding, and NTV broadcasting company the next three years still has Boris Jordan who will receive 5 % of preference shares of holding.
the Transaction on creation of new holding prepared in a mode of strict privacy. Last details were brought by the parties in the contract at night on the eve of signing. Under the information, evrofinans densely worked with management Gazprom - media last two months, and with the offer to to Gazprom about re-structuring of its media actives left even several months earlier, but no leaks about the preparing agreement existing, and this fact became a bolt from the blue practically for all participants of the media market.
that the media companies belonging to Gazprom should be exposed on sale, head Gazprom Alexey Miller has declared for the first time in October, 2001, right after that as the former head " has retired; Gazprom - media Alfred Kokh. Mister Kokh, within one and a half years combating Vladimir Gusinsky`s former media empire, result of that became split of collective of the main media resource - NTV broadcasting companies - and transition under complete control Gazprom 23 more media companies, and could not achieve from mister Miller of the decision how to dispose appeared in hands gazovikov of the media companies.
however process of an estimation of the company and search wishing to become buyers of media actives Gazprom burdened with the big debts, it was tightened. Except management Gazprom - media led by new general director Boris Jordanom among buyers at various times named such large companies, as the Alpha - groups Mezhprombank, Interros . But in Gazprom these hearings did not make comments.
in July it became known that the founder of media empire mister Gusinsky has sold Gazprom - media The remained shares in all companies belonging to it. However, and after that representatives Gazprom declared that the further plans on sale of media actives are postponed again, because the condition of the majority of the companies does not give possibility to sell them for the comprehensible price and by that to return enclosed Gazprom means in development of the media companies.
and here yesterday the buyer has been declared. And though Gazprom leaves in the hands a controlling stock - 51 % of actions of holding which will include all media companies, 49 % will belong AKB evrofinans . On terms of transaction evrofinans should enclose in development of the media companies of $106 million live money and to be engaged in re-structuring of $600 - a million debt Gazprom - media to Gazprom ; further financing will occur proportionally to shares of shareholders. A question of re-structuring of a debt evrofinans and Gazprom will decide directly, already without participation of management of created new holding that essentially facilitates their work.
how much the good bargain for all its participants, will depend on concrete conditions of re-structuring. On this theme participants prefer not to extend. However anyway Gazprom as a result of the taken place transaction can patch a hole in the balance if to consider that cost of all media actives now hardly exceeds $300 million at $600 - million debts. Besides, in Gazprom declare that creation of new holding - desire to begin history from the blank page which has been not connected with a name of Gusinsky .
the General director of NTV Boris Jordan has received for good work on 5 % of exclusive (not voting) actions as in NTV, and new holding (10 more % of voting actions of NTV NTV collective has received; Their owners, under the information, become both managers, and leading journalists of a broadcasting company; the question is now solved, in what shares the package) will be distributed.
With mister Jordanom the new contract - forthcoming three years is signed. that part of actions which I have received during negotiations with ` Gazprom `, from the point of view of my financial interest completely satisfies me - mister Jordan has declared yesterday. He has declared to the correspondent: Through this transaction the new holding which will be the centre of capitalisation of all media companies is created, this structure will correspond to all international principles of management of the media companies. The created media holding will supervise the daughters and further the holding can sell a part of the actions to the strategic investor including foreign, and also can place the actions at stock exchanges. Also that is very important - the new holding unlike old will not be burdened by debts. It will be pure holding in which actually will be three shareholders: ` Gazprom `, ` Evrofinans ` and management . According to mister Jordana, process of creation of new holding in connection with various legal complexities can occupy about half a year.
as to bank, the decision to become the investor in sphere of media business the chairman of the board evrofinansa Vladimir Stoljarenko has explained so: It is the long-term financial investment, and correctly spent reorganisation creates at once positive cost of the companies. We see the market of mass-media perspective and promising, and us interests in this project financial making, than media " more likely;.

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