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Stanislav Cherchesov has given up as lost Spartak

League of champions
this week between Spartakom and the second Russian participant of League of champions - the Locomotive - has lain to be gone immeasurably deeper, than two points.
overheard in the underground in the evening on Wednesday conversation of two young men. when we play the following match? - the first or the second, I do not remember... - so the first or the second? - and you that, are going to look? it is possible not to specify, probably, that scarfs on children were spartakovskie.
Actually that Spartak loses at first 0:2, and then 0:3, anything terrible is not present. Anything terrible is not present in the account. Simultaneously 0:4 loses Dutch PSV - club at least not less eminent. Next day with the same account concedes milantsam Deportivo, and to inhabitants of Kiev in Turin in general there is something unusual. By the way, with the same account - 0:5 - loses in Lyons Norwegian Rosenborg, in due time in League of champions resignedly giving points to all successively (thus over and over again winning national championship). However as - that gradually the command from Trondheim has won reputation of extremely strong contender. And for a week to 0:5 with Lyon were house 2:2 with Inter...
the Situation in which it has appeared the Locomotive it is formally close to that in which is Spartak . A difference in the typed points between clubs after two rounds - one point. As a matter of fact, to the Locomotive to keep up with leaders, it is necessary to make too feats - for example, to win houses Barcelona which is hardly weaker Valencia. Actually a difference between two clubs the enormous.
for the Locomotive after Brugge at least it is not terrible. Have lost Dmitry Loskov? But Yury Semin again confidently repeats one of the basic theses: The good command should not depend on one, two, even three football players. Too often it was necessary to rescue gate to Sergey Ovchinnikovu? But the goalkeeper says again what to rescue is its work, and on - to the present of serious blows in an alignment of its gate was not too much. Has unpleasantly surprised some superiority Bruges in to the physicist and constant pressure upon our gate in the second time. But after all died in the last ditch - and have stood.
for Spartak it is terrible, because a picture opposite. Spartak simply throwing to play after the second missed goal. Spartak for which Egor Titov, Dmitry Parfyonov and Dmitry Sychev`s losses seem fatal. Stanislav Cherchesov (rescuing companions on the Dynamo not less often, than in Belgium Ovchinnikov) which from a full hopelessness waves a hand towards partners and which then will tell that in such commands he could not play yet... Oleg Romantsev whom in the end of a match, sitting on a bench, at last will smile - with obvious sarcasm, and poslematchevuju the press - conference will ignore. Its assistant Victor Samokhin during this a press - conferences only will confirm the obvious: our players completely did not have will to win. Valencia has played on 50 - 70 % of the possibilities. However it it has appeared quite enough for success . And nearby - smiling as - that even is guilty the instructor of Spaniards Raphael Benites (Rafael Benitez): We after all if it is frank, having opened the account, have relaxed, have given chance. I also did not expect that after the second goal the contender will fail also all becomes for us so simply...
the locomotive at least has forced to give all the best both Galatasaray, and Bruges on all hundred. For certain will force and Barcelona. For certain will be at least with equal with the same Bruges chances to apply for the third place granting the right to continue the European season in Cup UEFA. Will cling even For certain for the two - if will add in realisation of the moments (and why not to add - in the championship of Russia with it of business are better?) If will as fight, as in Belgium if will type the form James Obiora (James Obiorah) and Marat Izmaylov which obviously did not suffice... All assumptions - completely not fantastic.
about strategic variants Spartaka anybody today does not argue. On tribunes the Dynamo - thin - conclude a bet on on what position Dmitry Hlestov - the defender, the right halfback, basic now will play, and can, you never can tell, under attacking ? Or on that, leaves or not in a starting lineup Vasily Baranov. Still jokes like that that were given out by one known trainer: This command would be not not prevented in the field by one translator - that Russian, Brazilians, Senegaleses and Nigerians though as - that could communicate with each other .
In League of champions were, we will repeat, commands and are worse today`s Spartaka . One and remained the casual phenomena quickly forgotten in its stories. Others approached to tournament as to good school and in due course reached level strong serednjakov, strumming structure. The version that Spartak in present league strums structure on the future, on dinamovskih tribunes on Wednesday did not sound: too ridiculous it looks, considering indispensability recently Hlestova, obvious hopelessness of defence... And in general, study in football occurs, as a rule, through cruel fight, which for this purpose Spartaka seemingly, unknown concept.