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Sergey Darkin has lost the representative in Moscow

the regional policy
Yesterday Legislative Assembly of Primorski Territory has not confirmed power of the representative in Council of federation of Michael Glubokovsky which has been delegated there by former structure of regional parliament. The overwhelming majority of deputies has supported a response of a member of the Council of Federation close to governor Sergey Darkinu. Last decisions of regional parliament have seriously weakened positions of the head of edge.
Michael Glubokovsky has been selected by the representative of Legislative Assembly of Primorski Krai in Council of federation in the end of January of current year. Then deputies of convocation of 1997 finished the term of appointment and very sensitively concerned wishes of governor Sergey Darkina: many legislators were going to stand again and depended on an administrative resource. The mister Glubokovsky which at that time held a post of the president of the Union of scientific organisations of Russia, did not hide that the offer to become a member of Council of Federation to it has arrived from governor Darkina. However in June in edge the Legislative Assembly of new convocation has been generated, and the political situation in region has changed. In seaside parliament about half of places supporters of the former governor of Primorski Krai, head Goskomrybolovstva Evgenie Nazdratenko and the former mayor of Vladivostok, the deputy of the State Duma Victor Cherepkova - political opponents of mister Darkina have received. Local political scientists have started talking that positions of the governor of Primorski Krai are weakened and over it threat of loss of considerable volume of imperious powers has hung. And these forecasts began to come true.
at the session which has come to the end yesterday of Legislative Assembly deputies have accepted some decisions having a strongly pronounced antigovernor`s orientation. In the first reading the law, depriving the head of region of independence in personnel selection carrying out is approved: legislators insist that nominees vitse - governors should be co-ordinated with them. Amendments are made to the law on an order of reorganisation of municipal unions also - the governor has actually lost possibility to eliminate objectionable to it of heads of cities and areas. And at last, deputies have made decision not to prolong power of a member of Council of Federation close to Sergey Darkinu Glubokovsky: for prolongation 11 persons, against - 21 have expressed.
Supporters Nazdratenko have shown Darkinu who supervises a situation in edge - so deputy Leonid Beltjukov has commented on the decision of colleagues. In its opinion, Michael Glubokovsky`s discharge is a direct call to the governor. Meanwhile deputy Nikolay Morozov believes that such decision is caused by insult of legislators on the representative. The Glubokovsky did not co-operate with new structure of the deputy case, and the majority of legislators practically does not possess the information on its work - mister Morozov has declared. The Michael Glubokovsky obviously discouraged by the decision of deputies, has informed journalists that should analyse an event .
Nevertheless, according to regulations of Council of Federation, before election of the new representative from Primorski Krai the mister Glubokovsky will continue to fulfil the duties. Probably that to it all - taki will be possible to keep the post. The source in administration of Primorski Krai has not excluded probability of that Sergey Darkin nevertheless will achieve Michael Glubokovsky`s statement a member of Council of Federation. we insufficiently densely worked with deputies on this question. And it has got symbolical value - one of officials of regional administration admitted. As he said, if the mister Glubokovsky keeps the post conversations on weakening of positions of governor Darkina will lose a sharpness.
It is expected that to a question on election of the representative in Council of Federation seaside legislators will return on one of the nearest sessions.