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To Russia will bring the fulfilled nuclear fuel

atomic engineering
Yesterday in Moscow the first international conference " has opened; the Reference with the irradiated nuclear fuel - initiatives of Russia . There the startler about plans of the USA supervising 80 % of the world market of fresh nuclear fuel and its processing also has sounded, to construct in Russia storehouse for foreign OJAT. It means that the USA are ready to start up Russia on world market OJAT.
the minister of atomic energy Alexander Rumjantsev Has opened conference. It has reminded that Russia has passed one year ago the laws resolving import in the country of fulfilled nuclear fuel. However any new contract in this time has not appeared, though technologies in Russia the front lines: Ministry of Atomic Energy now can and dolgosrochno to store OJAT, and to process it for use in the closed nuclear cycle. Besides, in an anniversary on September, 11th sharply there is a question on how to make, that nuclear materials could not come into the hands of terrorists. Russia can give to the international community reliable guarantees. Mister Rumjantseva was supported by the deputy minister of power of the USA Russell Dajer (Russel Dyer), having declared that the USA consider possibility of deliveries OJAT to Russia . Also has specified that the department of power of the USA now studies possibility of creation of interstate storehouse for OJAT. the Interstate storehouse in Russia can correspond to the international standards, but should correspond and to the law on atomic engineering of the USA - he has underlined. To an embodiment of this idea still far - at first Russia and the USA should sign the cooperation agreement in nuclear sphere. Despite it, the head of Fund of nuclear non-distribution (Nuclear Proliferation Trust) Robert Newman (Robert Newman) has directly declared that its fund already looks for $11 mlrd off-budget means for storehouse building in the Russian Far East. There, according to mister Newman, fuel from the atomic power station of Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan and South Korea could arrive. Its statement became unexpectedness as till now Russia has been almost isolated from market OJAT - in the country delivered only that fuel which has been made in due time in Russia for constructed abroad the atomic power station on our technologies. The requirement for similar storehouse will start to be felt sharply as many countries in some years: as the representative of IAEA Kosaku Fukuda has informed at conference (Kosaku Fukuda), now in the world third unloaded of reactors of the atomic power station of fuel is processed only. In the world has collected already about 200 thousand Tons OJAT, and this quantity annually increases on 3 - 3,5 thousand t. So necessity of coordination of efforts at the international level is obvious.
the chairman who has addressed to to conference of committee of the Duma on ecology Vladimir Grachev has assured that approved by parliament one year ago amendments to laws can protect Russia from undesirable ecological consequences to the full. As he said, each transaction assumes strict ecological examination and some levels of control. And the essential part of profit on them will go on rehabilitation of the polluted earths and on other ecological programs. According to Vladimir Grachev, the atomic engineering can rescue mankind, as extraction from the earth of hydrocarbons not only raises a radiating background of the earth, but also promotes global warming of a climate .
Known ecologist Alexey Yablokov has reminded participants of conference that atomic power station work raises electroconductivity of atmosphere that leads to increase of thunder-storms and other cataclysms, and has wished conference of fruitful work.