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Pure art

the Long-term demagogy has perverted a phrase Art belongs to the people having made of it an appeal, the instruction. Actually it is usual ascertaining: that belongs to the people, and is art. And the people at us poor. To find out that to it actually belongs, to bypass street art disorders the correspondent " has gone; the Authorities Feodor Romer.

Romanticists from main road
Summer and early autumn - a golden time for dealers pictures, rugs, costume jewellery and other stuff from street disorders. Then worse. As they trade in the winter, with grey noses and thermoses with cognac, mind I will not put. However at street dealers the system of values, and fresh air it is lovelier than any scenery.
For example, covered numbers in park near to the Central house of the artist on Crimean to a shaft (zaborchik from two parties, stands with dot illumination, and the main thing - a shaky slate design over a head) contemptiously are called the bottom opening day that is are something absolutely profannym, being expressed vysokolobo. And here the space in an open country on the quay, to the left of TSDH if to stand a back to culture Park, is, whether know, the top opening day that is something absolutely sacral. And the main thing, it is impossible to write off all on flexibility of our language. Is also price - not disclosed - a difference in a payment for place rent: top will be more expensive, as not absolutely lawful (not space of Park of arts). Simply throw out money for risk to be the fined tax specialists. But the main paradox - Arbat for the sidewalk artist will manage even more expensively, with a guarantee to be the purpose of everyone by the passing militiaman.
in general where throw, paradoxes. That as - that to overcome collected bewilderment, we will depart from sellers and it is reversible to for the sake of whom they freeze and are soared on air.

visitors Arbata
without speaking about independent individualists at metro stations, in Moscow with street art it is fundamentally possible to get acquainted, be bought that is, in three points: at remembered TSDH, on Arbate and in Izmaylov. Centralised and institutsionalizirovannye Arbat with Izmajlovom why - that call themselves opening days (the opening day is an opening of an exhibition in a museum or gallery, instead of a selling street constant exposition). We will use with internal indignation this self-appointed lexicon.
Arbat. Portraits of girls on a place, absolutely a droplet of landscapes, still-lifes and eternal sjura, and the main thing - the Soviet souvenirs. Audience Arbat predstavima, as former Soviet visitor GUMa. Has arrived to a city, has asked the first intelligent passer: And where, this, Arbat? Further the visitor of capital from Uryupinsk forces to pose for a portrait the girlfriend - roubles so for two hundred, from saved. The tourist from Munich buys a nested doll, a new efficient vest with Lenin and a gas mask (the prices vary). And the visitor cultural when - that read that Arbat is a street of artists, looks narrowly at a landscape or a nu yet will not find out nearby a picture with kittens (in direct, a literal sense). Is surprised and leaves. Arbat not that was during free reorganisation times.

Ayvazovsky`s admirers
the Opening day (so!) At TSDH - a place especially professional. Souvenirs and cutting out by a fret saw here you will not find. Painting, a drawing, is a little ceramics. It is considered that here comes joined original art at exhibitions in the Central house of the artist: there, say, the invaluable eternity, here is worse, but too anything. Actually levels, and styles of painting in TSDH and on quay are a little distinguishable: the same figures of arts cynically trade both there, and there. Thus last self-denying and bearded visitors of opening days of the House of the artist from mosha (the Moscow branch of the Union of artists) do not approach to a street opening day on a gun shot. And strangers on Crimean do not look - for the same provincials there is Arbat who is cheaper.
occasionally those who knows that wants here outfit: to the chief a picture on birthday simply (thousand one and a half dollars) or with its portrait (already six that impudence unprecedented, considering workmanship); On birthday of the acquaintance (acquaintance) a gift - a landscape for three hundred; so, fitjulechku as a souvenir - a picture with camomiles at the grandmother - staratelnitsy for 150 (roubles). These are the demanded and guaranteed average values, art by what it was remembered from school textbooks and Ayvazovsky`s exhibition is simple. It is indicative that unlike Arbata at TSDH almost you will not meet cheap rudiments of artistic freedom like abstraction or surrealism: it is all the unmarketable goods, and real money here is gained.

an Izmajlovsky track
At last, Izmajlovo. A place too the specific: to go it is painfully far. It is not enough art, more so-called prikladuhi (rugs, a tree, beresta, the Soviet curiosities). It is the present market of art about which absence are cried advanced galeristy. Arbat - it is low, TSDH - shtuchno, Izmajlovo - small wholesale, it is serious and on - to the present. Tourists tourists, but are here points with regular customers - collectors. In Izmajlovo go on business - to take away party, to understand an order of the local prices (who exposes masterpieces!) To learn a conjuncture. Plus the independent buyer drops in, for what to present to the friend a picture - mortally to offend, even if on a pocket. And here a pig drawn on a dish, a bear cut or the rug embroidered is yes, is cool and it is useful.
However in the main thing between visitors of Arbata, Krymki and Izmaylov there is no such a big difference. This it is formal raznjashchijsja a contingent actually - different parts of a spectrum of extensive and immense modern Russian soul which street dealers obviously personify, meaningly without wishing that and it without admitting. After all than valuably street art? In - the first, authenticity - on Arbate you draw directly at you. In - the second, authoritativeness - on the Crimean quay exposes the same, as in prestigious TSDH. At last, patriotichnostju - in Izmaylov there are distaffs, rugs and everything that is necessary for familiarising with sources (up to Lenin`s portraits with strong damages).

Original, authoritative, patriotic - in general that your Daniel Bagrov. Not simply commerce, and some kind of ideology. And here - that becomes clearly why street dealers so aspire on fresh air. Such, with grey noses and a thermos with cognac, they represent the present art value - some kind of a mirror in which the captivated buyer and for which all pictures and figurines no more than a framework, pleasant, but insignificant curls is looked.
after all finally the people posess only one - the people. Other in general - that of the owner has no all.