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For the invaluable contribution
Within the limits of City Day celebrating in Moscow on the Marsh area the monument of work of Michael Shemjakina has opened. In struggle for an arrangement and money of authorities of the capital Zurab Tsereteli had a strong contender.

Michael Shemjakina`s Monument in a public garden on the Marsh area is a bronze sculptural composition Children - a victim of defects of adults . Fifteen figures, including boy and the girl blindfold, the monsters who have surrounded them - allegories of these defects (drunkenness, a narcotism, libertinism and etc.) And a pillory in the middle. A show menacing - salonnyj surrealist Shemjakin for the almost fifty years of life in art has perfectly learnt to frighten people and to receive from that the income. However, the artist idea of the monument, presented to the government of Moscow, explains - certainly, with pathos inherent in it - desire to draw attention of citizens of Russia and the whole world to problems of children suffering from wars, violence, narcotisms, poverty . The sculptor calls to protect rising generation from noxious, destructive influence of defects . Moreover, that desire obujan, according to the message of Shemjakina, first of all the mayor of Moscow, and the restrained artist of all - navsego divides Yury Luzhkov`s feelings. A course trouble-free: whether the mayor can worry about rising generation? Therefore and the monument took. Thereby at the same time having given due to merits of Shemjakina which thirty years ago have left Russia, but not interrupting with it communication.
Here in Petersburg Michael Shemjakin has established four monuments, including the gravestone made by the private order vitse - to city governor Manevichu. Here has personally agreed with Putin that else will model a monument of Sobchaku. And in Moscow there is no masterpiece of Shemjakina. In addition Luzhkov`s foes constantly reproach the mayor with unlimited predilection for creativity g - on Tsereteli. So with Shemjakinym Moscow to a head has obviously had luck: the artist almost western, from America, the president of Russia, speak, Shemjakina considers as the personal friend, pathos at a monument correct, philoprogenitive, and the main thing - to pay for it it is not necessary (the sponsor - the company Rosneft ) .
Problems have come whence did not wait - from inhabitants of area Yakimanka. They have outright rebelled, and the regional newspaper has started number to print behind number the angered letters with phrases like I in general against installation of a sculptural composition of Michael Shemjakina not only in our square, but also everywhere where children " can walk; or If our square is defiled by sculptures of Shemjakina their subsequent disgraceful disappearance becomes only a matter of time . (Irony that last threat is quite real: in Peter vandals already two times almost completely destroyed shemjakinsky the Monument pervostroiteljam Petersburg .)
it was necessary to react To reaction of townspeople from above, and in June the committee on culture of Moscow has raised the question about destiny of the presented monument before the subordinated commission on monumental art. The commission has made a tragical mistake, having disagreed with composition placing on the Marsh area, but basically has agreed to put it in a city. It has appeared, it is that of the consent from it and achieved, as the problem of a place for a monument is not included into the commission competence. the place for monument installation should define the government of Moscow. The government has chosen the Marsh area, and it has coincided with opinion of the author of a monument - has told vitse - the mayor of Moscow Valery Shantsev in one of interview.
and here now to the City Day on the Marsh area there will be shemjakinskie monsters. Near with a monument to Repin and a building of old Tretyakov gallery in Lavrushinsky. By the way, Tretyakov gallery from shemjakinskih gifts refuses many years. While it is possible to it.

the Curiosity
Lotman departures for ocean
Tartusky university has begun negotiations with family of late literary critic Yury Lotman on purpose to keep its archival heritage. Yury Mihajlovich Lotman was the founder fashionable and semiforbidden in 70 - 80 - h years structurally - semiotics ( tartuskoj ) Schools in domestic philology. Simultaneously Lotman published quite traditional books and articles about the Russian literature XVIII - XIX centuries. Without the theory and Lotman`s practice today it is impossible to present domestic literary criticism. However Lotman`s pressed for money son has intended to sell archive in the USA. Under the informal data, to it there have offered $60 thousand However Lotman wanted, that its archive and library, and also archive of the spouse, Doctor of Philology Zary Minz, became a basis of Institute of semiotics created at Tartusky university and Russian culture. But for the repayment of archive the university library did not have necessary means.

demonstration performance
to Timur Kibirov have presented a pen and have glanced in a mouth
At XIV Moscow international book fair at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre the Publishing house Time Among other production represents the book of poet Timur Kibirov Who where - and I to Russia... . And on September, 8th Kibirov will specially come to read verses to the publishing house stand and to inscribe books. Perhaps, for the first time the modern poet not strongly similar to Evtushenko or Voznesensky ( Lju, blja, and blju, blja,// also I can not live, blja,// I cannot without you!! - the typical sample kibirovskoj lyric poets), receives lifetime complete works (however, not absolutely full - the verses written only after 1987 have entered into it, all however is literally). On the eve of fair Kibirov presented the anthology in the closed club the Duma . About all advantages of the poet venerable philologists spoke, and admirers listened spellbound literally. One of them has appeared even the solid factory director, presented to Kibirov the handle with a logo of the enterprise.

Dezha - vju
And Brezhnev such young
In the Central showroom the Arena Dmitry Nalbandjana`s exhibition opens. This name piously or disgustingly for all found Soviet period as the late artist was a symbolical figure of socialist realism. Nalbandjan drew leaders from Lenin to Brezhnev, zhanrovo - battle episodes, and at a leisure - still-lifes and landscapes. On the last focuses the attention an exposition in the Arena though in it also there is the notorious portrait gallery accurately deprived of odious heroes. In attempt to give out Nalbandjana for the big lyric poet (the citation from a press - release) is felt mood of today`s time - melancholy on the big style of the left socialist native land, but with a vegetarian mine on the person. Like as a brutal socialist realism, however in the form of an innocent landscape. And anybody does not know that the socialist realism, can, and is great, but painter Nalbandjan is unequivocally bad, what he drew. And the next exhibition of the national artist of the USSR confirms this simple true.

the moved values
Stained-glass windows in exchange for church
the Interdepartmental council concerning returning of the moved cultural values during the Second World War recommended to the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation to return 111 stained-glass windows from the Hermitage to Germany. It is a question of fragments of three huge stained-glass windows of XIV century from sacred Anna`s church in Frankfurt an der Oder, taken out to Soviet Union after war. They ideally fall under the law of the Russian Federation on the moved values as the property of the religious organisation. The question on returning of stained-glass windows has been lifted during Vladimir Putin`s last year`s visit to Germany, however Russia in an exchange has asked to restore Assumption church on Volotovom a field near Novgorod. To Germans restoration will manage in the $1,5 million First tranche in $204,5 thousand already has arrived. Time has come to return stained-glass windows. However the special governmental order approved by the State Duma for this purpose is required. The document will be submitted to consideration of parliament not earlier than next year, that is stained-glass windows to Germany more close by 2004 will come back.

in All-Russia Exhibition Centre territory XIV Moscow international book fair which will last till September, 10th will open. This year at fair the Bukerovsky award of decade will be handed over (the jury consisting of chairmen of jury of all years, will choose the best product from all shorts - Russian sheets Bukera ) . At fair the announcement of the winner of competition " also will take place; National Buker (the best product readers) will choose.

on September, 7th
In Anapa X film festival of the CIS and Baltic countries more known as " will open; Film shock . Usually the jury of this festival were headed by the large figure of the Russian culture, but not the cinematographer who spoke on behalf of persons of spectators. This year there was a small deviation from tradition: the jury included chairmen of last years (Anatoly Vasilev, Svjatoslav Belza, Roman Viktuk, Daniel Granin, Andrey Bitov, Yury Bashmet, Zurab Sotkilava), but here by the chairman the professional - producer Vladimir Dostal is this time appointed.

on September, 9th
In MHATe Chekhov`s name there will pass the official premiere bulgakovskoj Servitude of hypocrites . In roles: Oleg Tabakov, Olga Jakovleva, Andrey Smoljakov, Igor Vernik, etc. Performance is interesting already to that Oleg Tabakov (Moliere) steps on the stage for the first time after it officially became the art director of theatre.

on September, 11th
In Moscow at Drama theatre of a name of K.S.Stanislavsky the premiere of performance " will take place; Chocolate Pushkin . The author and the executor - Peter Mamonov, legendary roker, the leader of group Sounds of Mu a film actor (see the Taxi - a blues Pavel Lungina), and now still the poet and the teacher of life. Conducting hermetical life in village, Mamonov gets out from time to time in capital to share revelations, to sing, esteem new texts and a little bit pogrimasnichat. All it in the complete set is promised and at its new performance.

on September, 13th
In the Russian hire leaves the Planet of monkeys . The film of director Tima Barton which has already become by world sensation, is a remake scientifically - a fantastic film of 1968 on which motives three continuations and two teleserials have been removed. In a film Tim of Companies, Helen Bonem Carter, etc.

15 - on September, 16th
In the Kremlin Palace of congresses will pass Tom Jones two concerts. The singer will execute as the old hits ( Delilah Never Fall in Love Again ) And new songs, including well-known Sex Bomb .

on September, 16th
In Moscow in sport centre Olympic will give a concert known fate - group Depeche Mode. Musicians will execute known hits, and also products from the last disk Exciter let out after four-year silence of group.

on September, 20th
In Russia the premiere of the French film " will take place; Ameli Jean - Pierre Eugene. The director who has created mrachnovatye and paradoxical Delicacies the City of lost children and the Stranger - 4 this time has shot a lovely comedy about an angel in the terrestrial embodiment, aspiring to help associates. At festival in Kanne to a film have awarded the alternative Golden Palm, and the performer main give birth to Odri Tatu has been recognised by the most promising actress of year.

on September, 21st
In Istanbul opens 7 - I International Istanbul biennial - one of the major in the world of reviews of the modern art. Despite extravagance of a place, action of quite western level. Almost hundred participants in different places of a city will show photos, video, installations and other indispensable attributes of an exhibition of the modern art. The general theme of this the biennial, thought up by Japanese curator Juko Hasegava, approximately sounds as Runaway from itself . Mean politically correct collective consciousness collective reason and coexistence of all with all . Except for Russia - Russian artists to an art exhibition from every corner of the globe why - that have not invited.

on September, 22nd
In London in Royal academy of Arts the exhibition " opens; Rembrandt`s Women . At an exhibition it will be presented about hundred exhibits: 30 pictures, including the Portrait of the woman Rembrandt, and also sketches and engravings. The exhibition will last till December, 16th.

on September, 24th
In Moscow the concert of former vocalist Led Zeppelin of Robert Planta will take place. Plant together with the present group Strange Sensation will execute John Li Hukera`s products, Tima Bakli and, of course, group Led Zeppelin.

on September, 25th
In Moscow the festival " will begin; Vladimir Spivakov invites Devoted 95 - letiju from the date of Dmitry Shostakovich`s birth. Orchestras will take part in it Virtuosos of Moscow and Russian national, and also Sergey Lejferkus and the French trio Vanderer . A festival highlight arrival of American opera tonic Dzhessi Norman promises to become.

on September, 30th
In Russia will pass the prime minister of one of the loudest and scandalous European films of year the Pianist . The film has received three main prizes of festival in Cannes: gran - at and two prizes for the best roles. On the Moscow premiere arrival of Izabel Jupper, played a leading role in a picture is promised.