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10 million recruits a month

Statistical service Nielsen/ NetRatings (www. nielsen - netratings. com) has delivered the report on global tendencies in Internet development for the second quarter of current year. The data cited in this research compels to reflect: whether so the Internet - crisis how it paint web - journalists is rigid?
the first and main: the network population continues to grow impressive rates. Only for May - July, 2001 regular audience of the Internet have joined about 30 million persons. Total number www - users in the world to the beginning of August, according to Nielsen/ NetRatings, - 459 million persons.
the second: the dangerous warp in regional structure of network audience is gradually corrected. If earlier almost half Internet - users lived in the North America now citizens of the USA and Canada make about 40 % from total number www - servers (in the first quarter 2001 - 41 %). Thus activity of Americans in a network does not decrease. According to company ABCNEWS. com, in the last two days the number of the Americans, regularly making it - lajnovye purchases, has increased twice. 37 % of citizens of the USA in August of this year have made at least one purchase through the Internet.
is shorter, crisis - too strong word for the situation characteristic on the Internet - the market. And that last year have gone on the thousand world dotcom - businessmen and hundred thousand employees of the network industry have lost work, - not accident. More likely, growth costs.

What growth was Djujmovochka
the Author of this note carat weighs 350 thousand. Its growth - about 18 imperial palms, and was lived by him on light hardly more than 340 sidericheskih months. On a writing of this material at the author 7200 seconds have left, the average temperature in edition thus did not exceed 68 degrees by Farenheit.
It is admissible, you have understood nothing. In that case on a site the Calculator of sizes (www. calc. ru) you can translate the information resulted above in units habitual for you. Choose on a site corresponding section ( temperature weight a corner force a charge length volume time frequency energy the area speed pressure capacity the information resistance electrocapacity data transmission ). Enter in a command line of the program the data available for you and specify, in what units you need to translate them (kilometres - in yards, julianskie years - in Gregorian, degrees on Celsius - in degrees on Reomjuru and etc.) . On reception of the necessary result at you than 0,0008 hours will leave no more.

Risk - not our elements
Judging by results of poll spent by a site Rosbizneskonsalting the Internet - users as a whole - the quiet people avoiding risky situations. The majority of them at all does not play gamblings, the others prefer cards to a roulette.

in what gamblings you play? (%)
I do not play - 52
the Card - 28
the Backgammon - 5
the Roulette - 2
the Lottery - 2
Lohotron - 1
Slot machines - 1
Dominoes - 1
the Tote (jumps, football and etc.) - 1
Bones - 1
the Thimble - 1
Another - 5
Site Rosbizneskonsalting (www. rbc. ru), 4208 persons, August, 2001.

Personal time
the Most useless facts
the shortest war in the history of mankind lasted 45 minutes. On August, 27th, 1896 in 9. 00 mornings the military ships of British Empire have begun island Zanzibar bombardment. In 9. 45 island capitulated.
the most long kiss in the history of mankind has occupied 30 hours and 45 minutes. This record has been established on April, 5th, 1999 by inhabitants of Tel - Aviva Kermit Tsubera and Drorom Orpats.
the Most outstanding legs (in the total length 1,26 carry by the ground the American nurse Sam Stejsi.
John D.Rockefeller was the richest businessman of all times and the people. In 1913 it Weighed $900 million that at a present course equals almost $190 billion
the fastest bicyclist of the world - Fred Rompelberg (Netherlands). On October, 3rd, 1995 it has developed on the bicycle speed of 268,8 km/ ch.
the Most successful cannibal - the Tigress from Champavata (India). During 1903 - 1907 this representative of family cat`s has gobbled up 436 Hindus.
the storm of applause was broken by Plasido Domingo during the performance in the Viennese opera on July, 30th, 1991. The ovation proceeded 1 hour of 20 minutes.
in the world a cat (130 sm from a nose to a tail tip) carry the longest a nickname of Snubi, live in Scotland, passionately loves a smoked turkey and coffee.
the smallest in the world the advertisement has been made in Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Great Britain) on October, 25th, 2000. The gold plate in the size 100 h 100 micron has been placed on a knee of the African melliferous bee, the text engraved on it advertised an official site of the Guinness Book of Records (www. guinnesworldrecords. com). If you are overwhelmed by abstract curiosity, visit the given resource. The phrases beginning with a word most on it a hundred times more than in note just read by you.

the file
Search for work, work
In August, 2001 in Russia, according to Goskomstat searches, was about seven million unemployed. Thus employers have officially registered more than one million free vacancies. It is no wonder that the Internet - the sites helping with job search and workers, enjoy wide popularity.
the first place in a heading Work rating Rambler regularly occupies The Internet - agency of employment Job. ru (www. job. ru). At the moment of delivery of this number the Authorities the site contained 19 thousand resume from competitors and 19 thousand vacancies from employers. It would Seem, distribute all resumes to all employers and close a site. But not all so is simple. For example, last week work on a speciality in Moscow by means of Job. ru 91 professional journalist searched. And vacancies for them on a site was only 37.
Hardly there are less than vacancies and the resume on site SuperJob. ru. But here there is a special section Work abroad (164 vacancies at the moment of number delivery). It will be curious to glance also in section Exclusive vacancies . Here, for example: the large holding searches to itself for the general director for work at office. For your consent offer $3 thousand month, the office car, a mobile phone and 500 persons in submission.
There is, however, an opinion that good work can be found only on acquaintance. Necessary communications can be fastened on site E - xecutive (www. e - xecutive. ru/). Personnel agency Ward Howell Int., the author of this project, positions E - xecutive as constantly operating in a mode on - line community of managers - professionals . Last week the site was a place of meetings for 4744 directors, chiefs of departments and other versions of heads.
at last, it is possible to glance on on - line - the version of the newspaper of free announcements From hand to hand (www. izrukvruki. ru). Here any employer can find the employee for all tastes. Here, for example: the Instructor on samurajskomu to monastic boxing searches for a permanent job at the private person in its territory. A wide experience. Igor Valentinovich .

Be protected a cable
Who the main enemy of the businessman doing business on the Internet? Spiteful hackers, artful competitors, stupid employees - the list is opened also a point is not put. But Australian e - businessmen will begin this list with razdolbaev - seamen.
in the middle of August the Russian dry-cargo ship Maxim Mihajlov peacefully drifted on spot-check of Sydney. However, on a course the vessel has unintentionally dropped an anchor in water. But this fact has not prevented peace slackness of a command, Maxim Mihajlov continued movement. Meanwhile in Australia the panic has begun: korezhivshy a bottom the anchor has torn the basic cable of communication connecting Green continent with New Zealand. The Internet - the traffic between two countries gauging at some o`clock.
and for two weeks before the unknown vessel has torn a cable providing the Internet - connection between Australia and America. And even earlier, in November, 2000, seafarers have broken the channel connecting the fifth continent with Europe and Asia. More than two thirds of Australian users for some time have lost access to world resources. Clearly, why the Australian Internet surfers dislike seamen?
to the Russian users, however, too is what to remember. In April, 1999 the workers reconstructing the October railway, have casually broken a traffic light. Having fallen, the traffic light mast has interrupted a cable, providing to half Russian the Internet - users an exit on foreign servers. On communication restoration has left almost six hours.
what morals? Starting a writing business - plan WWW - the project, do not forget in section the Swagger - a major to bring the paragraph the Drunk boatswain or the Unbalanced bulldozer driver .
Cyril Vishnepolsky