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the Moscow artist has argued with the Tula armourers
In a museum Tula kreml the exhibition " has opened; the Arsenal the artist from Moscow Dmitry Tsvetkova (on a photo). In a Nikitsky tower kremlja, constructed in XVI century, in original boxes from nearby small-arms factory Tsvetkov has exposed the pomegranates, pistols, automatic machines, sabres. Toy - inside they are made of tins and female boots, and outside - from silk, pearls and laces. For today the Arsenal - Dmitry Tsvetkova`s the best project, the artist extremely active and prolific. This activity is especially amazing that all sense tsvetkovskogo creativity - in surprising, forgotten in the modern art rukodelnosti: TSvetkov not only sews the soft weapon like exposed in Tula, but also does etchings in the technician of a dry needle. adult By dry needle are executed miriady howling with each other and perishing mines howling with each other from explosions and bombs of the little men, one in one descended from children`s drawings. And prelstitelnejshie silk threads, pearls, laces, a beads and a fringe - attributes ladies` and cosy - are used for preparation maskulinnyh and terrible grenades, pistols and automatic machines. Internal razdraj and simultaneously cohesion usually neslijannogo - man`s - female, adult - children`s, military - peace, actual - traditional - also is the recipe of success of art of Dmitry Tsvetkova. Therefore in the Nikitsky tower it is necessary to consider an exhibition for the artist of the best: all its intrigue is just built on these contradictions. The present defensive tower - and soft toys . The state museum istoriko - the maintenance of regional studies - and actual art, before in it not happening. Boxes from munitions factory - and ladies` needlework in them. At last, vysokolobyj capital galerejnyj the artist - and the provincial crowd which has come to a museum on an opening day and an exhibition there and then fallen in love.
Feodor Romer, Tula

was engaged in the Museum the New dawn
Yesterday in Moscow Gostini dvor the Museum of perfumery art has opened. Exhibits are partially taken from storehouses of the Historical museum, separate things are offered by private collectors. The exposition is created at the initiative of the oldest Russian perfumery factory the New dawn . Yury Luzhkov present at opening ceremony has examined museum pieces and the show-windows filled with boxes of cologne the Mayor (in 2001 the New dawn has let out the second, evening version of the aroma devoted to personally Moscow town governor). More in detail about opening of a perfumery museum read in the nearest numbers.

Merilin Manson has seemed to Alvina Harchenko the person
Fate - a star Merilin Manson (Marilyn Manson) during a concert has presented the condolence of mother, whose daughter has committed suicide two months ago from - for rough references from schoolmates. It has shown to the admirers a portrait of girl Nikoly Rafael (Nicola Raphael), has sung a song in its memory, and after a concert long talked to her mother. According to mother, Rhone Rafael (Rona Raphael), it has been extremely touched by that such superstar has paid it attention . As she said, despite Manson`s all ambiguity and its show, it has made impression of the normal person. It has shown care and participation . Its music played large role in life of the girl, and it was pleasant to mother to tell about it to Manson.

Shakespeare`s popular writer
the Known English actor and director Kenneth Brana Is awarded (Kenneth Branagh) is awarded by Birmingham university for the contribution to popularisation of creativity of William Shakespeare. Yesterday in the city of Stratford - on - Avon which is considered as the native land of the author Hamlet there has passed solemn ceremony. Brana began the career in this city, on a scene of royal Shakespearean theatre. The film celebrity and scenes henceforth became the honourable professor of Shakespearean institute at university of Birmingham. The institute which has become famous for the contribution of the employees in shekspirovedenie, marks 50 - letie.
Having learnt about an award, 40 - summer Brana has told: I am glad that my name will be henceforth connected with this institute which does so much for communication of theatre and the academic science . The director, for the career put four films under Shakespeare`s plays ( Henry V Much ado about nothing Hamlet and Fruitless efforts of love ) And played Jago in a film Othello admitted that in an operating time over pictures it often consulted to leading experts of this educational institution.
Pavel Sigalov

the Red square on censorship
the American director Tod Solonts (Todd Solondz), familiar to our public on a film Happiness it is compelled to make concessions to the American film censorship. The Motion Picture Association of America has categorically demanded, that all risky scenes of its new film Storytelling have been made a copy or remounted, so that by means of computer effects to smooth them excessive pornografichnost . Tod Solonts has flatly refused computers. He has told that does not want to become a silent victim of censorship as it happens with Stenli the Bunk room, more precisely, with its latest film widely closed eyes Where thanks to digital technology all was zaretushirovano and is hidden so elegantly that public so never and has not learnt, how much it has missed . In protest Solonts has used a red rectangle by which everything is with interest covered in a shot that can disturb the American censors. Thanks to it the film has avoided restriction to children till 17 years that would mean its commercial failure in hire. Now on the Red square it is possible to go and the minor, but only accompanied by adults. But out of America will show the full version to a film - that which in the spring Tod Solonts brought on the Cannes festival.
AFP, Rita Rusakova

Museums of the former Third Reich open store rooms
the German Internet - a site www. lostart. de, representing products of arts which could be stolen nazis at Jews, has expanded the activity for borders of Germany. The database contains the detailed description of thousand the works stored in museums and store rooms, including what nazis took out as military trophies from the territories occupied by them in days of the Second World War. In April, 2001 the minister of culture of Germany has addressed to museums of the country with an appeal once again attentively to reconsider the collections. And here the Austrian museum Joanneum in Graz has presented the information on 54 works which have obvious blanks in the history. As critics believe, there are all bases to consider that the collection of this museum in days of war has been filled up at the expense of the stolen treasures.
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