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The astrological forecast

Monday, on September, 3rd
Besides that Monday by definition an unlucky day, so after all also a full moon - time of emotional and physical peak. And if to consider that the full moon will be in a sign on Fishes emotions it will be exact too much.
in business it is not necessary to develop activity in external relations. Forget about foreign partners, do not spend negotiations and at all do not sign documents: it is improbable that today you will manage to achieve desirable results on work.
in any affairs today there will be a set of deceits. Do not trust even to the checked most up partners, not to mention strangers. Resist, if someone persuades you to make a bad move. Not time for spontaneous decisions - first of all it concerns financial operations.
Besides, this day consequences of your last errors become visible - it is necessary to disentangle them. It is not necessary to communicate this day with the heads and officials. For purchases too not the best time.
in private life this time of useless disputes and ineffectual finding-out of relations.
ARIESES will be accompanied by success only in the event that their work is anyhow connected with the earth. In this sphere of business it is possible to make original decisions, however in other cases it is necessary to refrain from rash courses. Do not show the personal initiative.
at TAURUSES unsuccessful day for business, especially for commercial operations. Try to leave work before: at home you will manage to have a rest soul and a body. Be engaged in the appearance, will pay attention to health. Quite good time for sports exercises.
TWINS, can arise today the problems connected with real estate. Do not accept decisions while comprehensively them do not study. But this day it is good to be engaged in planning - think, in what direction it is necessary to make efforts in the near future.
CANCERS partners will push to irresponsible decisions. Do not agree at all! This day will not add to you popularity. It is better not to act on public and not to be engaged in advertising.
LIONS, do not come under to influence of associates. Besides, do not enter disputes and do not solve thorny questions. Keep the health. Today it is not necessary to be overstrained on work, is better even to ask for leave home before.
MAIDENS, at you the intense, unpredictable day. Try not to repeat at least last errors and behave circumspectly: day does not approach for operations with money. At all do not risk and do not address to the chief with new offers.
SCALES, are accurater with relatives. Do not hasten to help them - at you the problems suffice. Today it is difficult to you to understand even with own troubles. This day it is not necessary to sign documents and to conclude contracts.
SCORPIONS, avoid doubtful actions. To risk this day it is undesirable. Even if you are assured that your money remains in an integrity and safety, to put them anywhere does not cost. Besides, do not trust people who will want to render you material support.
SAGITTARIUSES, be engaged in only those affairs which to you are pleasant. Forget that you should someone. This day it is better not to communicate with distant relatives: they can involve you in swindle.
CAPRICORNS, theoretically today you are ready to great fulfilments. However be not fond excessively: your forces can quickly end. Be not engaged while in new offers of partners, do not begin new affairs.
it is good to AQUARIUS to distribute debts today. Besides, it is possible to meet partners and to discuss with them plans for the future. The main thing not to accept final decisions and nothing to sign. Do not risk and do not bluff.
FISHES, do not get today into debts. It is not necessary to sign long-term agreements, especially with new partners. Nevertheless you can count on support from financial patrons and the heads.

Tuesday, on September, 4th
to Please you there is nothing: tomorrow one of not most palatable days this month. Echoes of a new moon and some more negative aspects will affect. Many will be aggressive tomorrow, perceiving any criticism as a personal insult.
clear business, this time is the extremely unsuccessful for negotiations and business meetings of any sort. And in general, the more you will try tomorrow on work, the it is less at you it will turn out. So do not go all out, do not show the initiative, try to operate on circumstances.
it is better not to come nearer to an office of the chief. It is necessary to meet officials only in the event that you want to salt it. Even the most reliable partners this day should not be trusted: they can bring you.
Tuesday does not approach and for new affairs. Tomorrow in general it costs nothing to begin, you can cut on a root even the most favourable project.
and if in private life you manage to do without quarrels, consider that to you has carried.
it is better to ARIESES to refrain from public statements.
TAURUSES should not spend money.
TWINS, your activity on advantage will be rewarded.
CANCERS, you will constantly be under supervision.
LIONS should not be engaged in business expansion.
the MAIDENS, quite good time for negotiations with foreigners.
SCALES will understand, who is who among their partners.
SCORPIONS will be charming and attractive.
to SAGITTARIUSES tempting offers will begin to flow directly in hands.
CAPRICORNS can be engaged in business expansion on the sly.
AQUARIUS, for heroic fulfilments the moment not the most suitable.
FISHES, communicate as much as possible.