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The Bundestag will decide destiny of the Bundeswehr

In Germany there are hot discussions about participation of the Bundeswehr in NATO operation in Macedonia. Federal chancellor Gerhard Schroder is convinced that is an allied debt of Germany. Opposition and some members of ruling coalition speak against.

on Thursday German chancellor Gerhard Schroder (Gerhard Schroeder) has interrupted a trip on east earths (territory of the former GDR) and has spent a government extraordinary session on which the decision on participation of 500 military men of the Bundeswehr in NATO operation " was accepted; the Necessary harvest . To Macedonia the chancellor considers Bundeswehr input as an allied debt of Germany. we cannot shift burden of responsibility on shoulders of our partners - he has declared. However the Bundestag should approve participation of the German armies in NATO operation. For this purpose all 666 deputies will interrupt summer vacations and will gather for an emergency meeting next Wednesday.
Necessity of participation of Germany for the conflict raises the doubts not only at opposition, but also in the ranks of ruling coalition - the block sotsial - democrats and green . 28 deputies from sotsial - democratic party of Germany (SDPG) have subscribed under the statement in which it is said that the German foreign policy should be peace. In Macedonia they consider the NATO plans of action foggy - operation will last obviously longer planned term, and it will mean gradual retraction of allied armies in the conflict. The chairman of fraction of oppositional Hristiansko - the democratic union (HDS) in Bundestag Fridrih Merts (Friedrich Merz) has declared on Thursday that much from this that the authorities inform the public, does not represent the facts, for example, risks of this campaign " are obviously underestimated;. Federal chancellor Schroder of risk does not deny and is going to carry out till Wednesday consultations of leaders of opposition parties. Without their support to achieve the consent of the Bundestag to participation of German army in operation in Macedonia it will be impossible. However experts are not inclined to consider government and Bundestag opposition too dramatic - on Wednesday the chancellor for certain will manage to type a majority of votes. It is not excluded, truth that for this purpose to mister Schroder should promise to leader HDS to Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) to increase expenses on army - only under such condition it is ready to support the government initiative about participation of the Bundeswehr in operation in Macedonia.